Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist has released his latest campaign ad entitled “We Must Do Better,” which is running statewide.

The 30-second television spot highlights the fact Idaho’s schools are ranked 48thin the nation and that the state’s career politicians and status quo are simply not the answer to fix education in Idaho. 

“Our schools are ranked 48th in the country – the status quo simply won’t do,” Ahquist says in the ad. “We must do better. We need to get rid of burdensome regulations and let our teachers teach. We need a curriculum that prepares Idaho kids for Idaho jobs with fewer mandates, more choice, and more vocational education. The professional politicians won’t do it, but working together – with a fresh approach – we will.”

Dr. Ahlquist’s Conservative Blueprint for an Even Better Idaho outlines the promises, vision and plan that will allow Idahoans to thrive.  It focuses on education, small business, healthcare, tax reform and a term limits and ethics reform plan for Idaho.

At a campaign press conference, Ahlquist announced his third and final unprecedented statewide “One Idaho Tour” alongside national conservative leaders and Trump surrogates Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. Kirk headed youth outreach for Trump’s election campaign, serves on a White House Advisory Council, and is a Washington Times columnist. Owens is a conservative commentator who most recently secured Kayne West’s endorsement of President Trump. 

Kirk and Owens have endorsed Ahquist, saying he is the best candidate for Idaho Governor –- noting the similarities between the Idaho’s gubernatorial race and the 2016 Presidential election.

“Of all the candidates for Idaho Governor, Tommy Ahlquist is the most like President Trump – a business guy and political outsider who will shake up the status quo,” said Charlie Kirk. “This race is reminiscent of the 2016 Presidential election because you have political insiders launching false attacks on the conservative businessman in the race,” added Candace Owens. 

Ahlquist’s “One Idaho Tour” is open to the public and press statewide. Click here for the “One Idaho Tour” Announcement Video and Tour Schedule.