David Bossie, former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and current president of Citizens United announced today he his endorsing Raúl Labrador for governor.

“Raul Labrador is a principled conservative leader who has been fighting to drain the swamp during his public service in Washington,” said Bossie.  “Raul has been a tireless advocate for President Trump’s “America First” agenda.  I’m proud to support Raul Labrador for governor of Idaho!”

A press release said Bossie and Labrador have successfully worked to change the status quo in Washington, helping to cut spending, forcing Speaker John Boehner to resign, holding their party accountable to their campaign promises, leading the fight against Obamacare, and preventing amnesty for illegal aliens.

“I’m honored to have David Bossie’s endorsement,” said Labrador.  “He and I have been fighting the establishment together in Washington for the past 8 years and have been side-by-side working to implement Trump’s agenda.  He’s a great friend and I’m proud to have his endorsement.”

Labrador has also been endorsed by a group of conservative legislators who said:

  • Raul sponsored legislation to defend religious freedom and traditional marriage.
  • Raul fought to keep every hard earned dollar in Idahoans’ hands during the economic downturn by killing legislation to raise fuel taxes.
  • Raul battled in Congress to end corporate welfare programs while other candidates were taking millions of dollars in taxpayer business subsidies
  • Raul has continuously contended to stop Obamacare and expose the Obamacare insurance exchange as the corporate welfare that it truly is.
  • Raul has unflinchingly fought occupational licensure while other candidates have only recently seen the importance of a free market.
  • Raul has fought to improve our public education system, while other candidates have advocated to replace parents with state sponsored universal pre-kindergarten.
  • Raul actively campaigned for Trump recognizing the importance of his conservative leadership for our country while other candidates’ support of Trump changed with each new news cycle.

The legislators endorsing Labrador include, Rep. Bryan Zollinger, Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt, Frm. Rep. Gayle Batt, Rep. Vito Barbieri, Rep. Brent Crane, Rep. Christy Zito, Rep. Dorothy Moon, Rep. Ron Mendive, Sen. Cliff Bayer, Sen. Dean Mortimer, Frm. Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, Rep. Greg Chaney, Rep. Heather Scott, Rep. Jason Monks, Rep. Joe Palmer, Frm. Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, Rep. Judy Boyle, Rep. Karey Hanks, Rep. Barbara Ehardt, Rep. John Vander Woude, Sen. Lori Den Hartog, Frm. Rep. Kathleen Sims, Rep. Ron Nate, Sen. Tony Potts, Rep. Don Cheatham, Rep. Mike Kingsley, Rep. Paul Shepherd, Frm. Rep. Steve Kren, Rep. Sage Dixon, Rep. Terry Gestrin, Rep. Steve Harris, Rep. Lynn Luker, Rep. Thyra Stevenson, Sen. Steve Vick and Sen. Mary Souza

Labrador also announced that he has receive the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Award for Conservative Excellence, earning a 100 percent rating for the 2017 season.