Two-thirds of Idahoans don’t believe Iran will keep its promise not to develop a nuclear weapon, as a new international agreement calls for, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds.

That’s a pretty bleak prediction concerning Democratic President Barack Obama’s new Iran nuclear deal.

In spite of that, Iran is not the top country the U.S. should worry about in the future – that distinction belongs to China, finds pollster Dan Jones & Associates.

The new survey shows that 69 percent of Idahoans say Iran “probably will not” or “definitely will not” follow the new nuclear deal struck with the international community.

Only 23 percent believe Iran will comply, and not pursue developing a nuclear weapon, 8 percent don’t know.

Asked which country will cause the most problems for the United States in the near future, the plurality says China, not Iran.

Jones finds:

  • 29 percent of all Idahoans said China.
  • 17 percent said Iran.
  • 14 percent said North Korea.
  • 15 percent said Russia.
  • 9 percent said Syria.
  • And 8 percent didn’t know.

It breaks about the same for Republicans, Democrats and political independents.

A third of Republicans said China, 18 percent Iran, 14 percent North Korea, 15 percent Russia and 10 percent Syria and 5 percent didn’t know.

Democrats: 29 percent China, 12 percent Iran, 17 percent North Korea, 15 percent Russia, 9 percent Syria and 12 percent don’t know.

Political independents: 24 percent China, 19 percent Iran, 14 percent North Korea, 16 percent Russia, 10 percent Syria and 10 percent didn’t know.

Jones polled 621 adults from Jan. 21-31. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.93 percent.