Most Idahoans want the United States to join the recent Paris climate control pact, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

But Idahoans are split over whether climate change will hurt the state’s economy or whether the extreme weather we see today is caused by climate change, found pollster Dan Jones & Associates.

Asked about the Paris accord, Jones finds:

  • 61 percent of Idahoans say the U.S. should accept and follow the agreement.
  • 29 percent oppose and 9 percent didn’t know.
  • Women really favor it, 69 percent, over men’s agreement, 56 percent.
  • Idaho Republicans are split, 46 percent in favor, 43 percent opposed.
  • Democrats really like it, 93-2 percent.
  • Political independents want the U.S. to buy into the accord, 66-26 percent.

Farming is a big part of Idaho’s economy. But folks are split about climate change harming their financial lives.

  • 47 percent say climate change could hurt the state’s economy.
  • 48 percent don’t believe it will.
  • Republicans, many of whom don’t accept climate change nor recognize its effects, aren’t worried, only 28 percent said C/C would harm their finances, 67 percent said it wouldn’t.
  • Democrats, however, are worried, 83 percent say climate change will hurt the economy, 17 percent say no.
  • 50 percent of political independents worry about the effect on their finances, 47 percent don’t.

Finally, many experts are thinking the extreme weather being seen around the world, from heavy snows to more tornadoes, to flooding and drought, is being caused by climate change.

Fifty-two percent of Idahoans agree – climate change is causing the extreme weather shifts.

Forty-two percent disagree.

Republicans aren’t buying it, 57-38 percent.

Eighty-eight percent of Democrats say climate change is causing the harsh weather patterns.

Fifty-five percent of political independents agree.

Jones polled 604 adults from Dec. 17-29; the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.99 percent.