Idahoans want to keep their nuclear waste storage facility going, even to the point of taking waste from Washington state, a recent Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds.

In another question, the Dan Jones & Associates survey shows that Idahoans like how their state is doing, while a bare majority think the United States as a whole is going in the right direction.

Jones finds:

63 percent of Idahoans “strongly” or “somewhat” want the nuclear storage plant at the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls to keep operating, even taking transuranic waste from the Hanford plant to be treated for transfer to New Mexico.

26 percent don’t want to take the Washington waste for processing, while 11 percent don’t know.

About 700 people work in the Idaho plant, and they would lose their jobs if the Washington waste is not brought into Idaho.

Jones finds that men and women have different views on handling more nuclear waste in Idaho:

Men favor keeping the jobs, 73-17 percent, while women want the jobs, 53-35 percent.

Republicans really want to process the extra waste, 71-21 percent.

Democrats are split, 47 wish to keep the plant open, but 40 percent want it closed.

And political independents favor keeping the plant working, 59-27 percent.

Meanwhile, 51 percent of Idahoans believe the U.S. is going in the right direction. Some 38 percent say the country, led by Republicans, is going in the wrong direction.

Idahoans are a little more optimistic about their state:

56 percent say Idaho is going in the right direction, 31 percent say it’s going the wrong way.

Again, men and women have slightly different views:

Men say the U.S. is going the right direction, 62-28 percent.

Women say the U.S. is actually going the WRONG way, 47-40 percent.

Folks are more encouraged by the direction the state is going:

Men say Idaho is on the right track 66-23 percent, women agree, 47-39 percent.

As might be expected, Republicans like the direction of both the U.S. and Idaho – for their party controls both the federal and state governments:

By 79-12 percent, Republicans like the direction of the country, 78-10 like what’s happening in the state.

Democrats really dislike how GOP President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress is running the country, 83-10 percent.

They dislike how Idaho is going, 64-23 percent.

Political independents like how the state is going, but dislike the direction the country is taking:

Idaho is going the right way, 46-41 percent.

But the nation is on the wrong track, 46-35 percent.

Jones polled 606 adults from June 22 to July 9. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.