GOP Rep. Raul Labrador, fresh off a defeat in his gubernatorial bid this year, does not show well in approval ratings among his 1stCongressional District voters, finds a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll.

Meanwhile, Republican U.S. House member Mike Simpson is above 50 percent approval among his 2nd District constituents, says IPW pollster Dan Jones & Associates.

Labrador is retiring from the U.S. House this year – choosing to run for governor instead. He lost his GOP primary in May to Lt. Gov. Brad Little, and so will be out of office come January.

Labrador is a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus in the GOP-controlled House.

And his archconservative politics may have harmed him in his gubernatorial race, his new job approval ratings show.

Some of the numbers:

48 percent of Labrador’s 1st District voters DISAPPROVE of the job he is doing in the U.S. House.

Only 37 percent of his constituents approve of the job he’s doing, while 14 percent “don’t know.”

Simpson, while a conservative, is more moderate than Labrador, and is doing much better:

His job approval rating is 55-28 percent, with 16 percent of 2nd District voters not having an opinion.

As Jones has found throughout his Idaho polling over the last few years, women in Idaho don’t like GOP President Donald Trump, and may not like Labrador’s support of the president, either.

Among 1st District women, Labrador is way behind, 54 percent disapprove of him, while only 30 percent like the outgoing congressman.

Men, on the other hand, are split over Labrador’s job performance, 45 percent approving, 42 percent disapproving.

Simpson is liked by both men and women in his 2nd District; men, 58-30 percent; women, 54-25 percent.

Labrador scores above 50 percent among 1st District Republicans; but his 56-31 percent approval rating is not great among his own party members.

Simpson is doing well with his 2nd District GOP voters; he get’s a 70-15 percent approval rating.

Democrats don’t like either man, but they really don’t like Labrador’s job performance:

In the 1st District, Democrats disfavor Labrador, 75-15 percent.

2nd District Democrats disapprove of Simpson, 46-37 percent. Still, getting a good job approval rating from more than a third of Democrats is pretty good for Simpson.

Independents don’t like Labrador, 58-22 percent.

But independents in the 2nd District actually approve of Simpson, 54-28 percent.

Labrador finally finds his home base among those who told Jones they are “very conservative.”  In his 1st District:

Those strong conservatives approve of Labrador, 70-21 percent.

But the “somewhat conservatives” are split on Labrador, 44 percent in favor, 43 percent opposed.

The more moderate Simpson doesn’t do as well among “very conservatives” in his 2nd District:

They favor him, 55-27 percent; he clearly doesn’t get the high approval ratings as Labrador does among this archconservative group.

The “somewhat conservatives,” however, like Simpson in his 2nd District, 72-17 percent.

Moderates really don’t like Labrador in the 1st District, 59-22 percent disapproval.

But moderates actually like Simpson, 66-22 percent.

As would be expected, liberals don’t like either man, but they really, really don’t like Labrador.

All these numbers show why Labrador had trouble winning the statewide GOP governor’s race this year – he clearly was too far to the right even for Idaho Republicans.

Jones polled 321 adult voters in the 1st Congressional District, for a margin of error of plus or minus 5.5 percent.

He polled 291 adult voters in the 2nd District, for a margin of error of plus or minus 5.8 percent.

He polled in both districts from June 22 to July 9.