Lt. Gov. Brad Little has released his education plan for Idaho students and it shows his commitment to parental choice and opportunity. Little is the only gubernatorial candidate to release a plan that provides a comprehensive strategy and not continuous rhetoric.

“As governor of Idaho, I will look at every decision through one lens: How do we keep our children and grandchildren in Idaho, and how do we get those who have left our state to return? Education is the most important ingredient for creating these future opportunities. All across Idaho there are many examples of educational success stories. We will look to those successes to continue and eliminate what we know isn’t working for our administrators, teachers and students,” said Little.

Little’s plan calls for local control and local solutions. In rural communities he will incentivize resource sharing between neighboring districts. He will ensure robust broadband capabilities throughout the state, so students can have access to online classes and not be limited to what is being taught inside the school walls. He will increase opportunities beyond graduation including providing school districts more incentives to produce graduates who earn career-technical education certificates and job-ready skills. He will allow colleges and universities to keep the sales tax they generate to help control tuition costs. He will ensure Idaho retains and produces the best teachers by committing additional education dollars for increasing teacher pay, including raising teacher starting pay to $40,000, with a focus on tying these pay increases to improving student outcomes. And to students, Little is committed to creating classrooms for the 21st century. Alternative learning options will be created to allow students to advance based on competency.

“I understand the differences between urban and rural school districts and as your governor I will be committed to ensuring they are handled individually and locally. Unfortunately, some DC politicians running for governor have voted to gut rural school district budgets,” Little said.

As governor, Little will champion successes. He has watched previous efforts on education reform fail and he has learned that it is critical to have widespread backing from those who work and support education to assist in leading the state in the right direction. Click here to read the entire plan.