Idahoans are split over whether GOP President Donald Trump’s administration should have discontinued the ban on plastic water bottles in national parks.

IPW pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds in a recent survey that 42 percent agree with lifting the plastic bottle ban, 42 percent disagree – want to keep the ban – and 16 percent don’t know.

Several years ago former Democratic President Barack Obama allowed individual park administrators to decide whether to ban bottle water sales or not.

Plastic bottles are an environmental hazard – they don’t break down – are unsightly strewn around on the ground and take time and money to clean up.

Over 20 parks did ban those sales before Trump’s National Park Service reversed the rule in September.

Jones finds these differences among Idahoans:

  • Those 18-to-29 years old wanted to keep the plastic bottle ban, 51-34 percent.

  • While those 50-59 years old agree with lifting the ban, 43-39 percent.

  • Republicans – who may like Trump or may be against federal government regulation – favor lifting the plastic bottle ban in parks, 58-24 percent.

  • But Democrats are against lifting the ban, 72-24 percent.

  • Political independents oppose lifting the ban, 51-35 percent.

  • Political conservatives favor lifting the ban, while those who said they are liberals oppose it.

Jones polled 604 adults from Aug. 23-30. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.