This Week’s Question: Who is your favorite living politician and why?  

Senator Brent Hill, President Pro Tempore Idaho State Senate: We have many excellent officeholders in Idaho, but few people know the extent of Senator Bart Davis’s influence on state politics and policy. Serving as our Majority Leader, he is often the “glue” that holds our body together. He is totally loyal to his colleagues, building on their strengths and teaching them to manage their challenges. An impressive orator, an expert parliamentarian, a great wordsmith, a devoted friend. He’s my favorite politician.

Jesse Ronnow, Senior Vice President, Zions Bank: George W. Bush, our 43rd president.  I was able to see his first inauguration in person. It was an extremely patriotic event I will never forget.  In addition to the inauguration I was in D.C. on 9/11, a different type of patriotic event. One I will also never forget.  

Damond Watkins, RNC National Committeeman: Speaker Paul Ryan, by far. Elected leaders of both political parties at some point are tasked with the responsibility of making decisions and ruling.  Speaker Ryan is a doer and not someone who has the luxury of sitting on the sidelines and complaining.  He is a natural-born leader who uses his conservatism to manage the issues that face our country. 

Travis Hawkes, Managing Partner Riverwood Strategies: Mitt Romney. He wasn’t a perfect candidate but he would have been an all time great president. Mitt is a problem solver. He knows how to bring all the parties to the table and find a solution that everyone can work with instead of kicking the can down the road in favor of press conferences and cable news interviews.