Three-fourths of all Idahoans are concerned about a U.S. nuclear conflict with North Korea, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

But they are split over whether GOP Pres. Donald Trump should meet with Communist dictator Kim Jong-Un, leader of one of the most repressive governments in the world.

IPW pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds that 77 percent of Idahoans are “very” or “somewhat” concerned that the United States could find itself in a nuclear conflict with North Korea.

Only 23 percent are not concerned about that possibility, and 0 percent don’t know.

North Korea has been testing nuclear explosions and short- and long-range missiles in the past few years.

However, its missile program has mostly failed, and it is not clear if North Koreans could put a successful nuclear weapon on a missile and accurately deliver it to a U.S. target.

Trump has wavered in his North Korean comments, at one point seeming to be open to meeting with Kim if it could help stop the North Korean nuclear development.

Jones finds that Idahoans are split over whether such a meeting would be a good or bad thing: 48 percent say Trump should not meet with Kim, 48 percent say he probably should, and 4 percent don’t know.

While all demographic groups are concerned about the possibility of nuclear conflict with North Korea, the Democrats are the most worried.

Jones finds:

-- 89 percent of Idaho Democrats are very or somewhat concerned about the possibility of nuclear conflict.

-- 11 percent are not concerned.

-- Among Republicans, 79 percent are concerned; 19 percent are not.

-- And with political independents, 73 percent are very or somewhat concerned about nuclear war with North Korea; 27 percent are not.

As with a number of other poll questions concerning Trump, Idaho women feel differently than men on this issue:

-- 66 percent of men are concerned about nuclear conflict with North Korea, while 87 percent of women are.

On the question of Trump meeting with Kim:

-- 51 percent of men think that would be a good idea, but 51 percent of women say no, Trump shouldn’t do it.

A big partisan difference on this question:

-- Republicans favor a Trump-Kim meeting, 54-41 percent.

-- Democrats oppose it, 72-25 percent.

-- Political independents are split, 51 percent say Trump should meet Kim, 45 percent say he shouldn’t.

Jones polled 649 adults from May 4-18. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.85 percent.