Idaho should not go the way of Washington and Colorado, two of its neighbors, and legalize the use of marijuana, a new poll of Idahoans shows.

Idaho Politics Weekly polled residents on a number of issues, which are being released this week.

Chief among them is making marijuana use legal for any purpose for adults.

Also released are Idahoans opinions on trust for law enforcement officers, racial bias, and who has been the greatest president of the United States.

A real potpourri.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates found that only a third of Idaho residents want to legalize pot, 64 percent oppose and the rest didn’t know.

Colorado legalized marijuana use more than a year ago, and while the state has brought in tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue, the society is experiencing some detrimental affects, too.

One might wonder if younger adult Idahoans might favor the legal use of marijuana. But Jones found that those who are 18-24 oppose pot legalization, 55-47 percent.

Those 25-34 oppose it, 61-34 percent. And the older the sample age goes, the more the opposition.

Idaho Republicans are especially against legalizing marijuana, 80-19 percent.

The Idaho Legislature, now in general session, is overwhelmingly Republican, so chances of any such action is nearly nil.

But how about those Democrats? Jones found that 49 percent of Idaho Democrats actually favor decriminalization of marijuana use, while 48 percent oppose.

Political independents are more cautious, 59 percent oppose legalization, 38 percent favor.

Here are the results of some other questions Idaho Politics Weekly put to 605 residents, margin of error plus or minus 3.98 percent:

-- “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “I trust law enforcement in my local community to use their powers ethically and appropriately."

Eighty-two percent agreed with that statement, only 17 percent disagreed.

-- “Do you think racial bias in Idaho has increased, decreased, or remained about the same in the past 20 years?”

Fourteen percent said bias has increased, 32 percent said decreased and 43 percent said stayed about the same.

-- “February is “Presidents Month.” Who do you think is the greatest president of the United States?”

Abraham Lincoln – 24 percent.

George Washington – 18 percent.

Ronald Reagan – 17 percent.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – 6 percent.

John F. Kennedy – 5 percent.

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt – 4 percent.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – 3 percent.

Bill Clinton – 3 percent.

Barack Obama – 3 percent.

Thomas Jefferson – 1 percent.

Don't know / Can't answer – 9 percent.

Other – 9 percent.