The Republican presidential race stays about the same in Idaho; a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows – Donald Trump at 31 percent among GOP voters.

But on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has jumped ahead of Bernie Sanders, up ten percentage points from a month ago, the new survey by Dan Jones & Associates finds.

The Iowa caucuses have winnowed both party presidential fields.

And Tuesday New Hampshire voters’ preferences will likely cause a few more Republican heads to fall.

But, at least for now, Idaho voters seem to have made their favorites known.

It’s billionaire Trump on the Republican side and former U.S. Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State Clinton among Democrats.

Back in December, Jones found that 44 percent of Idaho Democrats favored Clinton, 41 percent Vermont Sen. Sanders.

The new poll finds Clinton has jumped out ahead of Sander; 54 percent of Democrats favor her.

Sanders comes in at 42 percent in the new survey, staying about the same.

Trump is now at 31 percent among Idaho Republicans; he was 30 percent in December, not moved much.

But he hasn’t had to, at least not yet.

Jones finds that retired surgeon Ben Carson and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have about switched places.

Carson was at 19 percent in December; now he’s at 13 percent. Cruz was at 16 percent in December; now he’s at 19 percent.

While Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been climbing the polls nationally, and may challenge Trump in New Hampshire, he’s not moving in Idaho.

In December Rubio had 10 percent support among Republican Idahoans, now he’s at 11 percent.

In the new survey 6 percent of Idaho Republicans are undecided and 2 percent want to vote for someone not on the ballot. The rest of the candidates are in single digits.

Only registered Republicans can vote in the Idaho March 8 GOP presidential primary.

Democrats and independents can vote in the Democratic primary on March 22.

Jones finds that 41 percent of Idaho Republicans who are not now registered as party members are seriously considering registering by the Feb. 6 deadline – thus making them eligible to vote in the March 8 contest.

Sanders continues to have a wide lead over Clinton among independent Idaho voters – 40-16 percent in the new survey.

So, if enough independent voters bother to cast a ballot in the Idaho Democratic primary – and they have to say they are Democrats to do so – then there could be a difference-maker there.

Finally, 53 percent of Idahoans believe Clinton will ultimately be the national Democratic nominee; 46 percent believe Trump will be the GOP nominee.

Twenty-six percent of Idahoans say Trump will be our next president, 24 percent say it will be Clinton, and the rest don’t even have a guess.

Jones polled 621 adult Idahoans between Jan. 21-31 in the new survey, with a margin of error of 3.93 percent.