Most Idahoans do not support the use of fetal tissue in medical research, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds.

The issue of fetal tissue research has exploded again with the publication/political controversy around a few states’ Planned Parenthood organizations selling of aborted fetal tissue (which is legal) to medical research institutions.

Idaho Planned Parenthood does not conduct abortions and doesn’t sell fetal tissue for medical research.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates recently asked Idahoans if they support or oppose the use of fetal tissue in medical research.

Jones found:

  • 40 percent of adult Idahoans support such medical research.
  • 47 percent oppose it.
  • And 13 percent didn’t know.

Religion undoubtedly plays a part in how Idahoans see such medical research.

  • Members of the LDS Church (Mormons) oppose such medical research, 66-20 percent. The Church opposes elective abortions in most cases.
  • Catholics, whose church opposes abortions, are against fetal tissue research, 49-42 percent.
  • Protestants oppose such research, 50-37 percent.
  • Those who classify themselves as “general Christians,” which would include born again Christians, oppose fetal medical research, 57-34 percent.
  • While those who said they have no religion favor fetal tissue medical research, 66-21 percent.

Legal abortion fetal tissue makes up only a part of that source, which also can include stillbirths and miscarriages.

In general, such tissues are used in basic stem cell research, which has implications for treatments for cancer and other diseases.