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Idahoans favor greater state spending on their public colleges and universities, but they oppose a tax hike to provide that extra money, a new Idaho Politics Weekly survey shows.

Also, the poll, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, finds that Idahoans are mixed over whether their public higher education institutions adequately prepare students to find work.

And by large margins Idahoans believe the cost of a public college education is currently too high.

It’s the old dilemma – “We believe a college education costs too much, tuition is too high, but we don’t want to raise our taxes to lower the cost of a four-year or two-year degree.”

Here are some numbers out of Jones’ latest survey:

Asked if they support or oppose greater state funding for public higher education, 69 percent said yes, only 24 percent said no.

Just don’t raise taxes to do it, say all Idahoans, especially the Republicans and independents.

Still, something needs to be done because the cost of college is too great:

Finally, Jones measured whether Idahoans believe that a four-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year associate degree adequately prepare a person for the workplace.

Better news for Idaho colleges and universities on these questions:

Asked the same question of a two-year Associate degree: 39 percent said such a degree is excellent preparation for the work environment, 33 percent said it is only adequate, and 16 percent said it is “poor” preparation for getting a job.

Jones polled 508 adults from Aug. 20-31; with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.35 percent.