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Idahoans follow the nation in early preferences in the Republican Party presidential race, a new poll for Idaho Politics Weekly shows.

None of the 17 candidates – yes, that is 17 candidates! – have a great following in the Gem State, finds pollster Dan Jones & Associates.

But billionaire businessman Donald Trump leads with 19 percent support among Idahoans, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent.

All the other 15 are in single digits of support.

Nine percent mentioned someone else (what, these 17 aren’t enough?).

And 24 percent – or one-fourth – didn’t know who they would vote for it the presidential election were today.

Now, this poll was taken before the first nationally televised debate among the GOP hopefuls Thursday night.

Ten of the men made the prime-time Fox News stage while the seven other candidates debated earlier Thursday.

So the poll results are not influenced by those appearances.

Still, most of the pundits Friday were saying that none of the candidates had a major slip-up, nor did any of them make a huge impression, either way harming or boosting their campaigns.

It’s still early, seven months away from some of the first primary voting.

Among the Democratic candidates no surprises in Idaho, either, except perhaps that Hillary Clinton, the big leader in national polls among Democrats, is not doing so well in this very red state.

Jones finds that 18 percent favor Clinton, 14 percent mentioned Sen. Bernie Sanders and 12 percent said Vice President Joe Biden.

The others are in single digits.

The first Democratic presidential candidate debate is still several months away.

Among Idaho Democrats, Clinton does better: 44 percent favor her; 22 percent like Sanders and 15 percent prefer Biden.

Finally, Jones asked if the respondents have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Trump – known for his blunt speech and sometimes insults.

Among all Idahoans Trump doesn’t fair well:

But it’s Republican voters who matter in the GOP primaries. And among them Trump does OK:

As expected, Democrats don’t think much of Trump: 9 percent like him, 86 percent don’t.

Political independents aren’t big fans, either: 39 percent have a favorable opinion of Trump, 50 percent unfavorable and 12 percent don’t know.