Let’s have a little fun this edition of Idaho Politics Weekly, and measure the optimism – or downright dog-faced drooping – concerning Idaho’s upcoming public college football seasons.

We all know that Boise State University has become a national football powerhouse – routinely placed high in the football rankings.

Last year the Broncos ended up ranked 16 by the Associated Press.

And one sports ranking puts them at 25 at this season’s start.

Our pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds Idahoans are expecting great things again from the BSU Broncos.

Nearly 50 percent of Idahoans say BSU will have a successful, winning season: 23 percent say the football team will win 11 or 12 games in 2015-2016, 26 percent say they’ll win nine or 10 games.

That’s 49 percent who say BSU will win by far most of their games.

Add in the 15 percent who say they will win most of their games at least, and you have 64 percent saying the Broncos will be bowl eligible in December.

What about Idaho State and the University of Idaho?

Well, not so much.

Not a lot to cheer about here, Idahoans predict.

For Idaho State only 8 percent of residents think they will win 12 to nine games, and 46 percent say they will probably have a losing season – more games lost than won.


But for the University of Idaho, hopes are even lower.

Only 4 percent of Idahoans say U of I will win 12 to nine games, and 49 percent predict a losing season.

Well, at least we have BSU and the blue field.

Go Broncos!