While it has only been six months, Idahoans are not convinced that the Republican-controlled Congress is accomplishing more than the old, divided body before the 2014 elections, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

As you know, Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate in the mid-term elections last year – with both the House and Senate being GOP controlled the start of 2015.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds in a new survey that 45 percent of Idahoans believe the new GOP Congress is accomplishing LESS than before.

Thirty-seven percent say the Republican Congress is getting more done, and 18 percent don’t know.

Considering that Idaho is a red state and that all four of the Idaho federal delegation is Republican, the new poll results don’t provide much solace for Idaho GOP leaders.

Jones does find that Idahoans believe – for the most part – that their two U.S. senators and two U.S House members are effective in their work.

Except for Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, who gets only a 45 percent effective score, at least Idahoans say their congressmen are getting more done than the U.S. House and Senate as a whole, finds Jones.

Here are some numbers:

-- 12 percent of Idahoans say today’s Congress is “definitely accomplishing more” than recent previous Congresses.

-- 25 percent say the new Congress is “probably” getting more done under complete GOP control.

-- 19 percent say Congress today is “probably” accomplishing less.

-- While 26 percent “definitely” believe the new Congress is getting less done.

-- 18 percent don’t know.

As one may expect, Republican Idahoans believe the GOP Congress is accomplishing more, 65-22 percent.

Democrats are not impressed. Only 3 percent say Congress is “definitely” better today than when the House was controlled by Republicans and Democrats controlled the Senate.

Eighty-nine percent of Democrats say less is getting done these days, 7 percent don’t know.

Idaho political independents – who don’t belong to any party – give thumbs down to the new Congress; 52 percent say it is getting less done, 27 percent say more is being accomplished, and 22 percent don’t know.

Here is how the individual members of Congress from Idaho are ranked by constituents:

-- Sen. Mike Crapo: 58 percent say he is effective, 26 percent say he isn’t, and 15 percent don’t know.

-- Sen. Jim Risch: 51 percent say he is effective, 31 percent say he isn’t, and 18 percent don’t know.

-- Rep. Raul Labrador: 45 percent say he is effective, 31 percent say he is not, and 24 percent don’t know.

-- Rep. Mike Simpson: 53 percent say he is effective, 28 percent say he is not, and 20 percent don’t know.

As one may expect, Idaho Republicans give their party congressmen much higher effectiveness rankings, Democrats give the four low ratings, and political independents are mixed.

The new poll of 601 adults was conducted May 20-28; it has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.98 percent.