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Idaho is a very Republican state – that is clear as all statewide and federal offices are held by Republicans and the Legislature is overwhelmingly so.

But an annual Gallup research survey finds that Idaho has actually become a little LESS conservative compared to other states over the last few years – perhaps a shocker to liberal and Democratic Idahoans who often feel pretty lonely.

Idaho was in the top ten of “highly conservative” states back in 2016-2017, according to the Gallup political ranking system.

Now Idaho is No. 12 among the “highly conservative” states.

If Idaho looks to the east and south, it sees friendly “highly conservative” neighbors – Montana and Wyoming, then Utah.

But to the west are liberal states Washington and Oregon.

Nevada is neutral, or a swing state, on Gallup’s scale, but has been voting Democratic in recent elections.

Gallup measured conservative v. liberal views from tracking polls conducted in 2018, an election year that saw Democrats take by control of the U.S. House, but lose a few seats in the Senate. It was not a presidential year.

Most states’ voters told Gallup they were on the conservative side of the ledger. But some big-population states, like California and New York, went into the liberal column – which follows the general belief that America is, overall, generally a right-of-center country.

Idaho is considered, by Gallup, a plus-23 conservative state, with Mississippi being the most conservative state at a plus-38.

Washington, just to the west, is the fourth most liberal state in the nation, a plus-31 liberal, according to Gallup.

Wyoming and Utah are even more conservative than Idaho, a plus-28 and plus-26 conservative, respectively.