It is a great honor and privilege to lead the Idaho Republican Party. Republican leadership in the White House and across Idaho have ushered in an unprecedented era of growth, opportunity, and prosperity.

The 2020 election is a pivotal time for America and I am humbled that my party is entrusting me with this tremendous responsibility. Idahoans can expect me to bring the same level of intensity as chair as I brought to my roles as a state representative and as a member of the U. S. House of Representatives.

The next few years are so critical for the Republican Party in Idaho. Idaho is no longer a secret with so many people across America moving here to enjoy the American dream. Our way of life is the envy of the nation. We are one of the most conservative states in the union and we must remain so. We have so much to offer but we cannot allow our values and our way of life to be compromised.

Reelecting Pres. Trump, Senator Risch, Congressmen Fulcher and Simpson, and all of our Republican team is paramount to our success. And those efforts begin at the local level, in our precincts and counties. As chair, I will work to support our local Republican Party workers like never before, equipping them with the best tools, technology, and training to win.

We will contest districts and races that have been overlooked and register the many new residents now calling Idaho home. We will challenge and call out the Democrats when they put forth ideas that are wrong such as their plan to take away Idaho’s right to choose our presidential electors or when Democrats veer further and further towards socialism.

The Republican Party of Idaho must cast a vision that inspires all Republicans throughout the state to lead boldly. Our party is strong and united like never before. We are passionate about reelecting Pres. Trump. The unjust attacks by the media and the elites against our president and ourRepublican ideas will not demoralize us. Instead, they will remind us to avoid complacency and remain vigilant. This battle requires the efforts of our many dedicated party volunteers across our great state.

I am grateful for Gov. Brad Little’s encouraging words immediately following my election and I thank him for his lifelong support of the Idaho Republican Party. I look forward to working with him in this new role. I also want to thank our 1st Vice-Chair Jennifer Locke for stepping in as chair these past four months. She did an exceptional job.

But most importantly, I want to thank the precinct, county and district leaders of the Idaho Republican Party for their unwavering dedication and commitment. I look forward to working with this great Idaho team on our 2020 electoral victories and beyond.