Idaho, along with its sister states Wyoming and Utah, is among the top five most Republican states in the nation.

The Idaho Legislature and all state top offices are controlled by Republicans.

But there is one place where Democrats do have a say – Boise City, the capitol and, by far, along with some surrounding suburbs, the largest metropolitan area in the state.

The respected Cook Political Report lists Idaho as the fourth most Republican state in the nation, with an R+19 rating, meaning Republican support is 19 points higher than the average of all states.

First is Wyoming, with an R+25. Utah is third, with an R+20 rating.

And while GOP Pres. Donald Trump is having some problems with his popularity in Utah – he won the state, but with only 45 percent of the vote three years ago -- Idaho is a strong state for Trump.

The FiveThirtyEight political newsletter has a May polling rating of Trump’s Idaho popularity at +17, or 17 percentage points higher than the president’s average polling popularity across the states.

By comparison, Utah, which is just above Idaho in the most-Republican-ranking, has Trump’s popularity only +5 percentage points.

Trump likes to say he doesn’t pay any attention to polls – even the ones his own 2020 re-election campaign is paying for.

Despite strong support for Trump currently, Idahoans didn’t pick Trump in the statewide GOP primary in 2016. That went to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, with 45.44 percent of the vote.

Trump finished second, with 28.11 percent of the vote.

But Idahoans had no use for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump won Idaho easily with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

He won all but two counties along the way.

And local Republican officeholders in Idaho have supported Trump, as he has supported them.

Earlier this year, Idaho in April joined Utah in supporting the Trump administration in a new oil drilling program in the West, which conservation groups claim will endanger the Greater Sage Grouse.

So while some national political pundits predict Trump will have a rocky road to re-election next year, you can fairly safely put Idaho in the 2020 Trump column.