Press release: Woolf releases updated Transparent Idaho portal

Idaho State Controller Brandon Woolf has announced the release of an updated Transparent Idaho portal featuring quicker, easier access to even more state spending data.

This statewide transparency effort streamlines the user experience and illuminates each dollar as it works its way through the complexities of government.

“We are making Transparent Idaho a single source of truth for our financial data,” Woolf said. “Every dollar spent by any state entity is the citizen’s money – we must never forget that. This effort is critical to our efforts to provide a clear vision of state spending for all Idahoans while providing the most value out of every taxpayer dollar.”

The new Transparent Idaho portal is modernized to offer an intuitive and interactive user interface that is mobile friendly. Reporting functionality allows users to drill into data sets, download data and share any research on social media platforms or via email.

The initial iteration of the portal broke new ground in 2013, allowing citizens instant access to static spending reports and other government data. The new version builds on that concept, introducing new functions that include:

  • Data filtering to clear out the background noise and focus only on the data needed;
  • Visual learning automatically configured to your relevant data;
  • A new interface that is easier to navigate from both computer and smartphone; and
  • Share your findings on social media or via email with just a click.

“The new Transparent Idaho web site delivers on my goal of making government responsive, transparent and accountable,” said Gov. Brad Little. "I applaud Controller Woolf for his dedication to making state government information more accessible for all of our citizens." 

The long-term Transparent Idaho vision includes encouraging all public entities within the state to voluntarily provide financial data to Transparent Idaho – creating a clearinghouse for data from the state, school districts, taxing districts, cities and counties.

About Transparent Idaho. Transparent Idaho is a website designed to give the public a full view of government spending, using light to illuminate government finances and increase citizen trust in the state of Idaho. State Controller Brandon Woolf partnered with OpenGov in 2018 to build the system.https://transparent.idaho.gov

About the Idaho State ControllerThe elected State Controller is the chief fiscal officer of state government and manages Idaho’s fiscal affairs, which includes paying all obligations of the state, processing payroll for all state employees, publishing Idaho’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), as well as maintaining the centralized financial management reporting and accounting systems. Controller Brandon Woolf is committed to conducting the business of government in an open and transparent manner and leads efforts to improve the openness of government operations, cut costs and increase accountability in state government. http://www.sco.idaho.gov