How damaging is the Mueller report to Trump? The Mueller report is not the nail in Trump’s coffin that liberals were hoping for because it revealed nothing we didn’t already know about Trump.

Besides clearing him of criminal collusion with Russia, it portrayed Trump as an erratic bully who gets angry, holds grudges, and encourages subordinates to do questionable things. It spotlighted Trump’s many character flaws.

But all those things were obvious even before Trump was elected. Trump is Trump, flaws and all, and will ever be so. The real question is whether his policies are producing jobs and a strong economy, more personal freedom, and more respect in the world after the Obama years.

On those fronts, with the exception of immigration (where I think he is wrong), Trump has performed quite well. The leftist, socialistic Democratic presidential candidates trying to replace Trump scare me more than Trump does.

Should Idaho’s congressional delegation criticize Trump for his foibles and character flaws, or stay quiet? Idaho’s members of Congress ought to distinguish between style and substance. When they disagree with Trump on issues, they absolutely ought to speak up, state their disagreements and fight for their positions.

But it’s a waste of time to criticize Trump on style. Anyone could spend full time doing that. There’s plenty of material. Attacking Trump’s character will win headlines and adulation from Trump haters, but it won’t help members of Congress pass legislation or solve the nation’s very serious problems.

Will Trump be impeached -- or re-elected? Trump is saying, “Make my day – impeach me.” It’s not going to happen. In the upcoming campaign, Trump will say (if he can stay on message): “We have the best economy in decades . . . lowest unemployment in history for Hispanics, blacks, teens and women . . . wages are rising for all income levels . . . manufacturing is booming . . . virtually everyone enjoyed a nice tax cut . . . energy is abundant, cheap, and we’re energy independent . . . threat of war in the Korean peninsula is reduced . . . NATO members are paying more for their own defense . . . U.S. businesses are enjoying favorable trade agreements  . . . Russia and China are on notice that America is not a patsy.”

Meanwhile, when Democrats are asked what they accomplished, they will say, “Well, we sure did investigate the heck out of Trump! Oh, and we proposed a lot of socialistic schemes, told everyone they’re a victim, and promised free goodies for all.”

On paper, the Democrats ought to crush the deeply-flawed Trump with his low approval ratings. But I’m not so sure that Idaho, or the country, is ready to take a big leap toward bigger government and higher taxes.