Seven leaders with United Vision for Idaho, are in Washington, D.C. joining nearly a thousand other progressive activists from throughout the country as part of People’s Action, one of the largest and the fastest growing multiracial, people’s organizations in the country, with 48 member organizations in 32 states and more than a million grassroots leaders, including those from United Vision for Idaho.

Nimi Sandhu, Cal Whedbee, Angela Housley, Gil Arouxet, Chris Ho, Gini Ballou and Adrienne Evans will be attending, taking part in leadership roles, directing actions and working with leaders across the country to adopt a people’s platform to hold elected leaders and those seeking office to a bold agenda that reflects the needs and aspirations of real people, not parties or special interests that dominate the political realities today.

United Vision and Action for Idaho spearheaded the progressive populism work in Idaho that centers rural communities at the heart of a new movement that is making a profound impact across the country.

“We’re excited to represent Idaho at The People’s Wave convention. In Idaho we know all too well that the system is stacked against us. It’s not enough to be outraged, we have to strategically work to revision and remake our democracy – one that works for ALL of us. In our statewide work, we have seen how transformative deep organizing around our shared values and interests has been. We are excited to join our partners stretched across the country who are building a movement to change the balance of power and create a future that benefits everyone,” said Adrienne Evans, executive director. 

“Our country is at a place in history where we could sit back—again—hope and dream that the 2020 elections will come out in our favor, and pray for the best. But, the reality is, if we do this, we miss the point of a democracy, don’t we? That’s why we are working with UVI and leaders across the country to build a real movement and one that includes all of us!,” said Cal Whedbee, one of Idaho’s leaders at the convention.

Robust plenaries will allow participants from urban, suburban and rural communities nationwide to deepen their analysis on critical issues of the people's platform including health care, education, housing, climate and environment, and deepen their work on movement politics and co-governance. Idaho delegates will be representing the thousands of Idahoans who deserve real representation and centering their voices in deep analysis, decision-making, actions and Congressional office visits on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. 

Featured speakers at the convention will include:

  • Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, now the director of strategy for the National Domestic Workers Alliance.
  • Mandela Barnes is Wisconsin’s first African American Lt. Governorand a member of Citizen Action Wisconsin. 
  • Washington state Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a progressive leader in congress, she advocates for immigrant rights, Medicare for All and climate justice.
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a third-term Senator from Vermont. His career centers on reducing massive income and wealth gaps.
  • Rep. Ro Khanna from California’s Silicon Valleyis co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and an advocate for Medicare for All and College for All
  • Jumaane Williams, newly elected New York City Public Advocate, provides a direct link between the electorate and city government.
  • Jennifer Jazmin Carrillo Gomez, a member of People’s Action national staff, recently defeated a 20-year incumbent and became the first Latinx and the first openly queer person to serve on the Bloomington City Council.