Donald Trump 15Most Idahoans approve of the way GOP President Donald Trump is handling the economy, immigration and foreign policy, an Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds.

And there is plenty of blame to go around, Idahoans say, over the inaction on immigration policy in the federal government – with no one person or group getting most of the blame, finds pollster Dan Jones & Associates.

Idaho, a Republican state, voted heavily for Trump three years ago.

And DJA finds that most state residents standing with Trump on these three major issues.

The economy:

-- 61 percent of all Idahoans “strongly” or “somewhat” approve of the job Trump is doing in this area. While there are indications that the longest-lasting expansion of the U.S. economy in recent history still continues, there are indications the economy could be slowing down.

-- 36 percent disapprove of how the president is handling the economy.


-- 53 percent approve of how Trump is dealing with immigration, while 45 percent disapprove. This may be a bit surprising, considering Trump continues to fight for a wall on our southern border, and last year stopped the policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents, a very unpopular, family-splitting action.

Foreign policy:

- 51 percent approve of how Trump is dealing with other nations overall, with 45 percent disapproving.

Trump has had a mixed bag in this area. He has kept campaign promises to take the U.S. out of several international treaties/efforts, like climate change mitigation.

But he did renegotiate NAFTA into what many believe is a better trade deal.

As is the case with Trump in any state, including Idaho, the president’s actions are highly partisan and gender-based.

If you are a Republican, you like Trump. If you are a Democrat or independent, you don’t.

If you are a man, you like what he does, mostly.

If you are a woman it is a mixed bag, but generally, you don’t like him.

Here are some of the numbers:

- Men like Trump’s performance on the economy, 69-29 percent. Men like his immigration policies, 62-37 percent. And men like his foreign policy, 61-37 percent.

-- Women like his economic policies at a lower rate, 53-44 percent – a 16 percentile difference from men.

-- Women don’t like his immigration work, 53-45 percent. And they don’t like his foreign policy, 51-43 percent.

Republicans like the man no matter what he does:

-- GOP Idahoans like his economics, 88-10 percent; like his immigration policies, 82-15 percent; and like his foreign policies, 81-15 percent.

Democrats don’t like the man at all:

-- They disapprove of his economic policies, 86-13 percent; his immigration actions, 90-7 percent; and his foreign policies, 91-7 percent.

Political independents are a split bag.

-- They like his economic policies, 52-43 percent.

-- But they oppose him on immigration, 59-40 percent; and on foreign policy, 58-39 percent.

The is a real difference, also, in how Idahoans feel about those three Trump issues depending on to how well they are educated.

-- Those with just a high school degree like Trump’s economic actions, 65-34 percent; they like his immigration stands, 59-39 percent; and they approve of his foreign policies, 58-38 percent.

Those who hold post-college graduate degrees, like doctors, attorneys, accountants, MBAs find more fault with Trump:

-- They are split on his economics, approving 49-48 percent; they disapprove of his immigration actions, 58-39 percent; and they really dislike his foreign policies, 61-36 percent.

Finally, DJA asked who is to blame for the current inaction on immigration policies in Washington, D.C.

The numbers:

-- 15 percent said Trump alone was to blame.

-- 4 percent said Republicans in Congress.

-- 26 percent said Democrats in Congress.

-- 17 percent Congress as a whole is to blame.

-- And 36 percent said all of the above are to blame.

DJA polled 615 adults from Jan. 23 to Feb. 4. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.