Less than a month after Gov. Brad Little implemented the “Red Tape Reduction Act” through Executive Order 2019-02, progress is taking place to simplify and scale back Idaho’s administrative rules.  

All State of Idaho agencies with authority to issue administrative rules are required by Little’s executive order to identify at least two existing rules to be repealed or significantly simplified for every one rule they propose.  

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) announced in an internal newsletter earlier this month it is enthusiastically embracing Governor Little’s executive order that aims to reduce regulatory burdens on Idaho citizens and businesses.  

“ITD is already getting in the spirit of the new executive order to reduce the burden on Idahoans by consolidating 22 administrative rules down to just eight and 17 annual DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) permits down to eight as well,” the ITD newsletter stated.  

The House and Senate Transportation Committees already approved the ITD rule package this session. Little’s executive order implements new processes for administrative rulemaking after April 2019.  

“The eagerness shown by the Idaho Transportation Department for streamlining regulations moving forward demonstrates the collaborative nature of my executive order,” Little said. “We’re working closely with the agencies to better serve all Idahoans through safe and effective regulation.”  

The executive order also requires agencies to designate an existing employee as a Rules Review Officer to undertake a critical and comprehensive review of their administrative rules and identify costly, ineffective, or outdated regulations.  

More than half of all agencies with rulemaking authority have identified their Rules Review Officer, and all of them were in place by March 1.