By and large, Idahoans are pretty optimistic about the business and jobs climate in their state, a recent poll finds.

The poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates finds about half of Idahoans believe the business climate today is good.

And half say jobs are plentiful today.

Between a third and a fourth say the business climate in six months will be better than today, and that there will be plenty of jobs available.

In short, Idahoans are not worrying that an economic recession is on the horizon.

Some of Jones’ numbers:

-- 48 percent say the business climate today is good, 44 percent say it is normal, and only 8 percent say it is bad.

-- 51 percent there are “plenty” of jobs available today, 33 percent say there are “not so many” jobs around, and 16 percent say jobs are “hard to get.”

Looking six months down the road:

-- 30 percent say the business climate will be better the spring of next year, 61 percent say it will be about the same, while only 9 percent say it will be worse.

-- 26 percent say there will be even more jobs available in six months than there are today, 58 percent said the job market will be about the same, while 16 percent believe there will be few jobs than there are now.

In every question about jobs and the business climate, Jones found that Republicans are more bullish on Idaho than are Democrats or political independents, who tended to be more negative.

For example, on the question of how is the business climate today, Jones found:

-- Among Republicans, 52 percent said the climate is good, while only 42 percent of Democrats agreed.

-- Asked how the job market will be in six months, 33 percent of Republicans said there will be more jobs, while only 12 percent of Democrats agreed.

Jones polled 641 adults from Sept. 26 to Oct. 8. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.87 percent.