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Even though the U.S. economy is rambling along at record-setting levels, fewer than a third of Idahoans say federal officials are doing a “good job” with economic policy, according to a recent Dan Jones & Associates poll measuring public opinion in Idaho.

Such sentiments were a quandary for national Republicans in the Nov. 6 elections: It seemed few people were willing to give them credit for a great U.S. economy – an issue that historically helps drive elections.

Part of that, of course, was GOP Pres. Donald Trump, who decided to talk about immigration and an immigrant caravan headed for the southern border, or other issues, instead of intensely focusing on the economy.

In any case, the survey conducted by the polling firm finds:

40 percent of Idahoans said federal officials were only doing a “fair” job with the economy.

Only 32 percent – less than a third – said they were doing a “good” job.

While 28 percent said they were doing a “poor” job. Clearly, how well the economy is doing isn’t reflected in Idahoans’ attitudes toward their federal elected officials.

On another issue:

49 percent of Idahoans said they don’t trust federal government elected officials, by and large.

Only 21 percent said they do trust them.

And 30 percent said they neither trust nor distrust them, but are neutral on the subject.

The survey also finds:

52 percent of Idahoans are “somewhat” or “very” dissatisfied with the federal government’s actions on tariffs and trade.

While 48 percent said they are “somewhat” or “very” satisfied with Trump’s tariff and trade policies.

The survey also asked how the federal government was handling the national economy, and how the Idaho state government was handling the local economy.

And Idahoans – most of whom are Republicans – have a much better opinion of Idaho’s work in this area than the federal officials:

51 percent said Idaho was doing a “fair” job on economic development/management, while only 40 percent said the same of the feds.

35 percent said Idaho was doing a “good” job,” only 32 percent felt the same about the federal government.

And only 15 percent of Idahoans said the state government was doing a “poor” job – while 29 percent felt that way about the feds.

Another interesting split on how the state and national governments are doing with the economy:

Among those who told the survey firm they are currently unemployed, 42 percent said the feds were doing a “poor” job with the economy, while only 22 percent of the unemployed said the same about the state.

Also, 33 percent of those who are “fully employed” said the feds were doing a “good” job with the economy, and only 5 percent of the unemployed felt the same.

Finally, partisan politics plays a large role in whether one trusts the federal and state governments – both of which are currently run by Republicans in the U.S. and Idaho.

34 percent of Idaho Republicans trust the federal government, 43 percent trust the state government.

But only 10 percent of Democrats trust their federally elected officials, 76 percent don’t trust them.

While 58 percent of Democrats don’t trust the state government, and only 16 percent do trust their state elected officials.

The survey questioned 641 adults from Sept. 26 to Oct. 8. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.87 percent.