Even though nearly 70 percent of Idahoans don’t like the job Congress is doing, more than half still want Republicans in control of the U.S. House after the November elections, a recent Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

While that is rather schizophrenic, perhaps it makes sense in very-Republican Idaho.

In any case, IPW pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds:

-- All Idahoans “strongly” or “somewhat” disapprove of the job the GOP-controlled Congress is doing, 69-25 percent, with 5 percent “don’t know.”

-- Meanwhile, 53 percent all Idahoans want Republicans to remain in control of the 435-member body.

-- Only 30 percent want the House to be in the hands of the Democrats – who today are 23 seats shy of a majority.

-- 9 percent say it doesn’t matter who controls the U.S. House.

-- 6 percent said they want some other kind of outcome in the November elections.

-- And 3 percent “don’t know.”

National pundits are saying it’s likely the U.S. House will switch partisan hands after November, while the U.S. Senate likely will remain with a slim GOP majority.

Idahoans have a much more favorable opinion in how their own state Legislature is doing:

-- 56 percent approve of the Legislature’s actions.

-- 34 percent disapprove.

-- And 10 percent “don’t know.”

Both the Idaho House and Senate are controlled by Republican super-majorities.

Here are some interesting demographic breakouts:

-- Even Idaho Republicans don’t like how the GOP-controlled Congress is doing its job; they give Congress a 58-38 percent DISAPPROVAL rating.

-- Democrats, of course, hate what the Republican Congress is doing, 85-12 percent.

-- And political independents disapprove of Congress, 76-17 percent.

Even though Idahoans really dislike Congress, it’s still likely they will re-elect Rep. Mike Simpson in the 2nd District and send a Republican back in the 1st District to replace Rep. Raul Labrador, who lost his bid for the governorship this year and is retiring from the House.

It’s a clear case of Idahoans separating their own candidates and members of Congress from their dislike of Congress in general.

There is no U.S. Senate race in Idaho this year.

-- Idaho Republicans like how the GOP-controlled Legislature is doing; giving it a 78-15 percent approval rating.

-- Democrats don’t like the Legislature; giving it a 61-29 percent DISAPPROVAL rating.

-- While political independents are split down the middle, 44 percent like the Legislature, 44 percent don’t.

If there was any group that one might think would approve of Congress it would be Idaho folks who say they are “very conservative” in their politics.

Nope. Not even these guys like Congress; giving it a 67-30 percent disapproval rating.

All other groups – somewhat conservative, moderates, and liberals – really, really dislike Congress.

Conservatives like the Idaho Legislature, however, while moderates and liberals do not, finds Jones.

Jones polled 606 adults from June 22-July 9. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.