As part of the campaign of United Vision for Idaho and United Action for Idaho, all candidates from both parties were asked to respond to a questionnaire.

Of those, 20 completed the 43-point questionnaire, using an average of 13 pages to respond.

The platform of issues was created and vetted by communities across Idaho in an 18-month process to ensure that the issues and values of Idahoans were addressed by those seeking election.

“It was particularly important that the voices of rural Idahoans were represented. For far too long people across the state have felt like their voices have been ignored and forgotten,” said Adrienne Evans executive director of United Action for Idaho. Beyond the agenda put forth, candidates also agreed to meet with key stakeholders, those most directly impacted by issues in the platform and to make it a priority to have Idahoans involved in policy development and implementation addressing their needs. Idahoans deserve to have elected officials who are really accountable to them, said Evans.

RiseUp, Idaho! was launched in the fall of 2016. Since then, then the Idaho group along with groups in 12 other states across the country, have been engaged in deep rural organizing, talking to people where they are and breaking down the barriers that are dividing people along partisan lines. “This effort goes a long way in shifting the paradigm from a party or political platform imposed on the people of Idaho to a platform of the people of Idaho who are demanding that candidates take their issues seriously and act as representatives to them not an establishment, or outside special interests,” said Evans.

Gini Ballou, Associate Director of UVI said, “This is not a Republican or Democratic program, it isn’t about conservative or liberal issues. These are human values that people living in communities across the state told us were critical for them; these are things that affect people’s lives. It sends a powerful message that people all over Idaho are rising up, fighting back and working in their communities to take back and remake our country into one that works for all of us.”

The endorsed RiseUp, Idaho Candidates:

Paulette Jordan - Governor

Kristin Collum - Lt. Governor

Aaron Swisher - Congressional District 2

Cristina McNeil - Congressional District 1

 Shem Hanks - House B (District 4)

John Rusche - House B (District 6)

Chase VanWeerdhuizen - House B (District 9)

Chris Ho - House B (District 13)

Richard Boozel - Senate (District 14)

Maryanne Jordan - Senate (District 17)

Sue Chew - House B (District 18)

Janie Ward-Engelking - Senate (District 18)

Cherie Buckner Webb - Senate (District 19)

Mik Lose - Senate (District 22)

Deborah Silver - House B (District 24)

Michelle Stennett - Senate (District 26)

Mark Nye - Senate (District 29)

The Platform:

  • Healthcare: Medicaid Expansion, Medicaid, Social Security
  • Gun Sense; Community & School Safety
  • A Caring Economy; People Before Profits
  • Strong/Well-Funded Public Education PreK – 16
  • Accessible, Affordable Higher Education
  • Dignity & Protections at Work
  • Restoring & Protecting Local Control
  • Public Lands in Public Hands
  • Housing Justice
  • Gender & Racial Equity
  • True Climate Justice
  • A Just Immigration System
  • Sovereignty for Native Nations
  • Government Transparency & Accountability; True Democracy
  • Keeping special interest money and influence out of Idaho politics