A new Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds that most Idahoans don’t like President Donald Trump personally. However, most still stand with him because of his politics and policies, the Dan Jones & Associates survey shows.

In addition, most Idahoans do not believe Trump personally, nor his 2016 campaign, colluded with Russia in trying to defeat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Various investigations by U.S. intelligence services and the U.S. Senate have determined that Russia did in fact try to influence the 2016 election, and did so trying to get Trump elected. But no proof has emerged that Trump or his campaign colluded with those efforts.

How successful those meddling effect actually were remains unclear, and we may never know if they made a difference in the election – where Trump won the presidency by narrowly carrying three states, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Jones asked people’s opinion of the president, and gave four possible answers:

  • “I like everything about him.”

  • “I don’t like him personally, but I like most of his agendas and policies.”

  • “I don’t like most of his agenda and policies, but I like him personally.”

  • “I dislike everything about him.”

  • Other.

  • Don’t know.

He found among all Idaho adults:

  • 23 percent like everything about Trump, personally and politically.

  • 37 percent don’t like him personally, but do like his politics.

  • Only 3 percent like him personally, but not his politics.

  • 30 percent dislike everything about him.

  • 5 percent gave some other answer.

  • 2 percent didn’t have an opinion.

That’s 67 percent who don’t like the man personally. But 63 percent either like him personally and/or like his policies and agenda.

As previously reported, various Jones polls about Trump in Idaho have found significant differences between men and women.

No difference here:

  • Only 19 percent of men dislike everything about Trump – his personality and his politics.

  • But 41 percent of women dislike everything about the president.

  • 46 percent of men dislike the man, but agree with his policies.

  • But only 29 percent of women believe the same.

As you might expect, Republicans stand with Trump, even if many of them don’t like him personally.

Democrats hate the man and his politics.

Independents are split.

Among Republicans:

  • 41 percent like the man and his politics.

  • 47 percent don’t like Trump personally, but like his politics.


  • 86 dislike everything about Trump.

Political independents:

  • 10 percent like everything about the man.

  • 46 percent dislike Trump, but agree with his politics.

  • 2 percent dislike his politics, but like him personally.

  • 33 percent dislike everything about him.

On whether Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia in the election, Jones find that 56 percent of all Idahoans don’t believe that happened.

Thirty-six percent say Trump and/or his campaign did work with the Russians in trying to defeat Clinton.

And 9 percent don’t know.

The FBI’s independent counsel, Robert Mueller, is still working on that question, but has indicted more than a dozen individuals in that case on various charges.

Last week, after the poll was conducted, Trump’s former personally attorney/fixer, Michael Cohen, released a taped conversation between himself and Trump where it appears the president agreed to paying hush money to a Playboy model over an alleged affair he had 10 years ago while married to First Lady Melania Trump.

That revelation could damage the president even more over this personal behavior.

In any case, Jones finds that Idaho Republicans don’t believe Trump colluded with Russians, 80-11 percent.

Democrats think he did, 84-12 percent.

And political independents say he did not collude, 54-42 percent.

Men are certain he did not collude, 68-26 percent; women are split, 46 percent said he did collude, 43 percent said he did not.

Jones polled 606 adults from June 22-July 9. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.