If U.S. taxpayers have to pay for Trump wall, Idahoans say no

A majority of Idahoans are against building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border if American taxpayers have to pay for it, a recent Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates put in the qualifier “if U.S. taxpayers have to pay for it” because it is unclear how Pres. Donald Trump would find a way to make Mexico pay for it – although that is what he continues to demand.

Jones finds:

  • 58 percent of Idahoans say they are “strongly” or “somewhat” opposed to the idea of funding and building such a wall.

  • 40 percent said they support building the wall, even if Americans have to pay for it.

  • While 2 percent don’t know.

What’s interesting in this question is that 46 percent of Idahoans said they are “strongly” against building the wall – that’s a pretty big number, maybe reflecting that Idaho is especially vulnerable to a crackdown on immigration.

Idaho is highly dependent economically on farming and tourism/skiing – two industries that use large numbers of immigrant workers.

Among the various demographics, there are only two groups in favor of building a U.S.-paid-for border wall – Republicans and those who say they are “very conservative.”

Jones finds:

  • Republicans support building the wall, 64-33 percent.

  • Democrats oppose it, 94-4 percent.

  • Political independents oppose building the wall, 72-28 percent.

Those who told Jones they are “very conservative” politically favor building the wall, 78-20 percent.

But then support goes south:

  • Those who said they are “somewhat conservative” oppose the wall, 51-46 percent.

  • “Moderates” don’t like it, 77-20 percent.

  • The “somewhat liberal” Idahoans oppose 94-6 percent.

  • And those who said they are “very liberal” are against it, 98-2 percent.

Once again, Jones finds different opinions between men and women:

  • 48 percent of men want to build the wall, even if we have to pay for it.

  • But only 33 percent of women agree.

  • 65 percent of women say no wall, no way.
  • A position only half of the men support.

As with other polling that has to do with Trump, Idaho women oppose his ideas, while most often Idaho men like them.

It is a statistical anomaly not usually seen on other issues outside of the Trump realm.

Finally, Jones finds that those with just a high school degree, the wall support is split, 49-49 percent.

But those with post-college degrees, like doctors, lawyers, Master’s and Ph.D.’s, oppose the wall idea, 74-24 percent.

Jones polled 617 adults from Feb. 26-March 15. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percent.