I grew up on a small farm raised by parents and grandparents who taught me the United States is the greatest county in the history of the world. 

They taught me to believe in God, to serve other people and to leave my community – my state – better than I found it.  They also taught me about freedom, about capitalism, about grit – and that if I worked hard I could take care of my family and achieve our dreams.   

My wife Shanna and I have been married for 28 years and have four amazing children. And if there is one thing I know as fact it’s that our children – your children – deserve more than the status quo.  As governor, tackling the problems in Idaho’s education system will be a top priority. Because we must and we will end the status quo, modernize education and connect Idaho kids to Idaho jobs. And my Conservative Blueprint for an Even Better Idaho outlines my plan to do just that.  

I served as an E.R. doctor in Idaho for almost 20 years and have seen over 40,000 patients in emergency rooms around the state.  As governor, I will bring transparency to Idaho healthcare – increasing patient choice and drastically reducing healthcare costs in the process.  I can tell you that’s just one of the many healthcare cost and premium slashing actions I’ll take as governor – because much more can be done to lift this expensive burden off the backs of Idahoans.   

I’m also a small businessman and builder who’s created companies and thousands of Idaho jobs.  I know how to create the environment necessary for our small businesses to thrive and attract outside jobs to Idaho – both ensuring the good paying jobs needed to keep our kids right here at home.  We must slash regulations, reform our tax code and cut wasteful government spending.  In fact, I plan to cut $100 million in wasteful government spending in my first 100 days in office – something the political insiders say can’t be done – but I can tell you it can be done.  And when elected Governor – it will be done.  

Collectively my opponents in the Governor’s race have spent 29 years in elected office – professional politicians talking and talking but with the same results – ranked near the bottom in education, skyrocketing healthcare costs and bigger and more government.  Now you have a clear choice.  More of the same old politicians or someone like me who believes Boise needs a fresh approach and new ideas – and someone with a track record of getting things done.  That’s what I have done my whole life as an ER doctor leading a trauma team, as a chairman of a board leading directors, and as a small business owner leading companies with results and excellence. And I want to bring that unique experience to state government.  

That’s why I’m running for governor – to serve and get things done for the people of Idaho – and my Conservative Blueprint to do just that can be found at www.tommyforidaho.com.  I hope you agree that the status quo in Boise is simply not good enough for our kids and the families of Idaho.  It is time for a fresh approach to tackle the critical issues facing our state head-on, and I am asking for your vote on May 15.  Because together, we can build an even better Idaho.