I have worked in one capacity or another with every Idaho governor since Bob Smylie. None of them – myself included – has been as qualified or prepared to be our state’s chief executive as Brad Little. 

When you combine Brad’s experience and multigenerational perspective on the issues with his homegrown conservatism, commitment to Republican principles, honesty, integrity, energy and work ethic, then it becomes clear that Brad Little is your right choice for governor on May 15.

As our lieutenant governor, Brad has been a great partner in keeping Idaho’s financial house in order without raising taxes during the Great Recession, and in driving an economic resurgence that’s the envy of states across the country. He has been closely engaged with my cabinet at every turn and has taken the lead on such issues as transportation funding, business development, cybersecurity and occupational licensing reform. And, of course, Brad has been a champion at my side fighting for traditional marriage and for more affordable healthcare coverage for Idaho working families struggling under Obamacare mandates.

Brad has joined me at many of the 101 Capital for a Day events I have held so far throughout Idaho during my time as governor.  That has given him the opportunity to listen to the real aspirations, concerns, hopes and fears of many thousands of Idahoans in smaller, rural communities in every corner of our state.

For Brad, those were not isolated snapshots of public opinion filtered through the news media; they were part of a continuing process of firsthand learning, understanding and internalizing the lessons of well-intentioned public policies and their real-life consequences.  That has made Brad Little a truer reflection of the people he serves with distinction as lieutenant governor, and who he will continue to serve dynamically and effectively as our next governor.

The rancher and businessman I know also has developed strong working relationships with members of Idaho’s congressional delegation and with state leaders nationwide, tapping into their reservoir of knowledge and lessons learned about governing. Brad Little knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows that transparency and accountability are essential to building public confidence in government, and how to apply private-sector efficiencies to public processes.

The husband, father and grandfather I know is a commonsense leader who understands that family is the first form of government and the essential foundation of any community.  With his strong faith in God, Brad will move Heaven and Earth to make sure Idaho’s State government responsibly and sustainably fosters educational and career opportunities that will keep his family and yours right here at home.

Nobody I know is better at staying connected and keeping pace with a rapidly changing world. The future won’t get away from Brad Little; on the contrary, he’s determined to ensure Idaho plays a big role in shaping it! He knows that Idaho’s people and quality of life already are second to none, yet he works tirelessly at applying Idaho values to ensure our state remains the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family.

Folks, you have been good enough to entrust me with the Office of Governor three times now. I have appreciated your confidence, and I sincerely hope that you will give Brad a chance to put his skill, experience and perspective to work for you and for Idaho. Please vote Brad Little, Republican for Governor on May 15.