In a flurry of press releases and statements, candidates for a variety of offices made last-minute pitches to voters. Here is a summary: 

Two women run for governor under joint ticket. Rep. Paulette Jordan has announced Kristin Collum as her running mate. Jordan and Collum are aligning their visions for the future of Idaho and will campaign together under one ticket, with Jordan running for governor and for lieutenant governor, becoming the first all-female gubernatorial ticket in Idaho history.

Sharing the same principles and values such as hardwork and servant leadership, the women say they will revitalize the state of Idaho by combining their skill sets. Jordan has served in elected leadership positions on the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council and two terms in the Idaho House of Representatives.. Collum is a military veteran who served under Gen. Colin Powell at the Pentagon and most recently worked as a technology sector business executive in Boise. Jordan said, “We are two progressive women who are very independent and strong-minded. Running with Kristin Collum is an important moment in our campaign and in history. Moving forward united in our innovative vision, we believe together we can truly represent the voices of the people and bring about the change needed for Idahoans.”

Meanwhile, the progressive group People’s Action joined United Action for Idaho in endorsing Jordan for governor in the primary election Tuesday.  Jordan would be first Native American governor in the U.S. and the first woman governor of Idaho.

Kempthorne endorses Leroy for CongressFormer Gov. Dirk Kempthorne has endorsed Dave Leroy for Idaho's First District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. “Dave is the right candidate to represent the rights and needs of Idaho in Congress,” said Kempthorne. “Dave has an understanding of the citizens of this state which comes from decades of experience serving Idaho as Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and as an attorney protecting the rights of Idahoans.  Dave’s outstanding experience makes him uniquely positioned to fight for Idaho’s conservative values.”

“I have been blessed to have a strong relationship with Gov. Kempthorne, a man who has done so much for our great state,” said Leroy. “Like him, I have a depth and breadth of experience from serving Idahoans that is unparalleled by any of my competitors.  Like him, I do not believe in lifetime appointments to Congress, and will limit my service to just six years.  Like him, I know that Congress needs to pass legislation that protects Idahoans’ way of life, by safeguarding our state’s rights, securing our borders, and defending our Second Amendment rights.  I am honored to have his endorsement of me and grateful for his confidence in my ability to fight for Idaho.”

Kealey wins endorsements. Several Idaho associations and PACs have endorsed Republican candidate Tom Kealey for State Treasurer. These groups represent thousands of Idahoans and play a critical role in the State's economic development. Included in these are the Idaho Bankers Association, Association of REALTORS®, Association of General Contractors (AGC), Idaho Prosperity Fund (IACI), Idaho Retailers Association, as well as six others.“Tom Kealey has both experience in the private industry and a solid ethical character that we need in a State Treasurer,” stated Idaho AGC President, Wayne Hammon. “As builders of Idaho’s future, Idaho’s contractors are honored to be supporting a candidate that will help lead Idaho into fiscally strong and prosperous tomorrow.”
In addition to the Associated General Contractors, Idaho Prosperity Fund, and Idaho Retailers, other groups supporting Tom Kealey for Republican State Treasurer include Idaho Bankers Association, Association of REALTORS®, Associated Loggers of Idaho, Idaho Lodging & Restaurant Association, Idaho State Pharmacy Association, North Idaho PAC, Northwest Credit Union Association, and Zions Bank Employees PAC

Little campaign announces numerous endorsements. “Idaho’s elected leaders from both the Senate and House of Representatives, embodying all corners of Idaho, have shown their support for Brad Little to be Idaho’s next governor. The group of highly regarded men and women share the strong conservative principles and values as Little and having worked with him, they know he will allow their input when making decisions that affect residents living in each of the districts they represent.”

“I am grateful for the support from this incredible group of people. Their dedication to their communities should be admired. I am committed to working with them and ensuring fiscal responsibility and the conservative values we all want here in Idaho continue to guide our decisions in guaranteeing Idaho remains the best place to live, work and raise a family,” said Little.

Legislative endorsements include: Sen. Shawn Keough, District 1; Rep. Eric Redman, District 2; Sen. Bob Nonini, District 3; Rep. Paul Amador, District 4’; Sen. Abby Lee, District 9; Rep. Ryan Kerby, District 9; Sen. Jim Rice, District 10; Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, District 11; Rep. Scott Syme, District 11; Sen. Todd Lakey, District 12; Rep. Robert Anderst, District 12; Rep. Rick Youngblood, District 12; Sen. Jeff Agenbroad, District 13; Sen. Fred Martin, District 15; Rep. Patrick McDonald, District 15; Rep. Chuck Winder, District 20; Sen. Bert Brackett, District 23; Rep. Megan Blanksma, District 23; Sen. Lee Heider, District 24; Rep. Stephen Hartgen, District 24; Sen. Jim Patrick, District 25; Rep. Maxine Bell, District 25; Rep. Clark Kauffman, District 25; Sen. Kelly Anthon, District 27; Rep. Scott Bedke, District 27; Rep. Fred Wood, District 27; Rep. Dustin Manwaring, District 29; Sen. Steve Bair, District 31; Rep. Neil Anderson, District 31; Rep. Julie VanOrden, District 31; Sen. Mark Harris, District 32; Rep. Marc Gibbs, District 32; Sen. Brent Hill, District 34; Rep. Dell Raybould, District 34; Sen. Jeff Siddoway, District 35; and Rep. Van Burtenshaw, District 35.

Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill; House Speaker Scott Bedke, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder issued separate statements endorsing Little in Tuesday’s primary election.

Meanwhile, Milk Producers of Idaho’s Board of Directors have also endorsed Little. “Brad Little has always been supportive of agriculture. He asks producers their opinion and listens to what they have to say,” said Board Chair John W. Wright. “Brad Little’s proven track record of bringing new industry to the state, especially in the food processing sector, has greatly benefited the Idaho dairy industry.”  

Campaign finance reports recently released show the Brad Little for Governor campaign raised more than $450,000 in the past three months, for a total of $1.55M overall. “The Brad Little for Governor campaign is most proud of its more than 2,800 donors that represent all of Idaho’s 44 counties,” said a statement.

Labrador wins endorsements. The Family Policy Alliance of Idaho has released the following statement: “Congressman Labrador—with his deep experience and passion for Idaho—is uniquely equipped to lead the nation’s third fastest growing state including Boise, our nation’s fastest growing city. Raul is dedicated to life from conception to death, the protection of religious freedom, the advancement of parental rights—including educational freedom and home-schooling—and defending our children’s privacy on sports teams and in locker rooms. Congressmen Labrador combines wisdom, perseverance and a servant’s heart.” – Paul Weber, President & CEO, Family Policy Alliance

Former State Rep. Ken Andrus has endorsed Labrador. He issued a statement criticizing Tommy Ahlquist and Brad Little and also said: “I sat next to Raul Labrador for two years in the legislative State Affairs Committee. He is a true conservative and not afraid to stand up to the establishment, and to defend the principles he believes in — His record in Congress verifies that. He believes in less government overreach and less government regulation at every level. Raul Labrador is a true defender of our constitution — federal and state. Raul’s wife, Rebecca, is from Ririe. She is an absolute jewel. As our first lady, Idahoans will love and embrace her. As a conservative Republican, I support the conservative candidate — Raul Labrador.”

Labrador’s campaign issued a statement saying he has raised $1,039,406 in financial contributions since filing to run for governor last May.  Since January, Labrador raised $366,114 and has $269,307 cash on hand. Over 70% of the campaign’s 1,863 total contributions came from donors contributing less than $100, showing strong grassroots support for Labrador’s campaign.

Labrador issued the following statement regarding the Iran nuclear deal: “President Trump is absolutely right to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. I opposed the deal when President Obama submitted it to Congress in 2015 because I believed it would empower the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to acquire the world’s deadliest weapon. Everything that’s happened since then has proven that to be true. President Trump is putting together a smart strategy to make America and the world safer, and I fully support him.”