Little gubernatorial campaign announces endorsements

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Little has won more endorsements, including from former Idaho governor and U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne and Idaho State Controller Brandon D. Woolf.

Kempthorne and Lt. Gov. Little – then Senator Little – worked closely on many critical issues including improving Idaho’s roads and bridges, state-based solutions on public lands management and championing economic development across Idaho.

“Brad is the right candidate to lead Idaho into the future. Being governor is not something you just wake up and do successfully. An effective governor needs experience, relationships and the right vision to lead Idaho. Brad was then a trusted conservative in the Idaho Senate, and he continues that as lieutenant governor, known for his fiscal responsibility and dedication to the Idaho Constitution,” said Kempthorne. “Idaho is a model for conservative government and economic prosperity. We have other states looking over our shoulder, envying our balanced budget, our fight to end the Obamacare monopoly and our fast-growing incomes with our historic employment rate. We need Lt. Gov. Little to keep that success moving forward.”

Woolf said, “When I became State Controller, Brad made a real effort to mentor me in my new position and I am forever grateful. His passion and commitment stand out every time we travel this great state meeting with Idahoans. Brad Little is a true statesman, principled, with a clear vision for Idaho. In addition, Janalee and I have become good close friends with Brad and Teresa Little over the years. They are deeply dedicated to advancing Idaho for this generation and those to come.”

The Little campaign also released a letter to voters written by Little’s wife, Teresa Little:

Over the past two years, and especially into these past several months, I have watched men and women of all ages, give tirelessly of their energy, time, loyalty, passion and even their finances to support my husband’s campaign for governor. As I stand back and look at their determination, I am humbled by their continuous generosity to ensuring Brad Little becomes governor.

Brad has been attacked for being a career politician, but he is anything than that. He is a man who through his work in local and state politics has an even deeper knowledge of not only our home town, but the entire state of Idaho and that has broadened his understanding of the matters affecting all our lives. I am not a politician, but what I am, is a mother and wife who wants only the best for her family. I am proud of Brad and how he has taken his role as lieutenant governor seriously by working closely and effectively with many individuals who are also engaged and impassioned to improve life for Idahoans, while maintaining our values.

While managing our ranch and farm, opportunity to be involved with organizations that contribute to the fabric and vitality of our state arose. From the Idaho Wool Growers Association to the Idaho Community Foundation, Brad’s active participation allowed him greater knowledge of the people, issues, and landscape that make Idaho what it is today.

Over the past, dare I say almost 40 years of marriage, Brad’s enthusiasm and energy to be engaged in the life of our state has never faltered.

Relevant experience, relationships and results matter. Being governor of the great State of Idaho is an awesome responsibility. But first it is our responsibility to elect the individual with the best expertise for the job, and that is Brad.