The Leroy for Congress campaign has the endorsement of four current and two retired Canyon County leaders: Sheriff Kieran Donahue; Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney Bryan Taylor; Nampa City Councilman Bruce Skaug; Nampa City Councilman Victor Rodriguez; former Nampa Chief of Police Curtis Homer; and former Ada County Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg.

At a press conference, each person expressed a need for an experienced, proven leader with a deep understanding of Idahoans’ values to fight for Idaho in Washington, D.C.

“He will speak, vote and fight for border security, public safety, and law enforcement,” said Sheriff Donahue. Councilman Skaug said “Dave is returning to politics at a critical juncture in our nation’s history…Dave wants to end this gridlock in Washington…”

Councilman Rodriguez noted that Dave has dedicated his life to the state of Idaho and said that Dave will “…fight for Idaho’s state sovereignty and stand up for the rights of all Idahoans.”

Prosecuting Attorney Taylor also emphasized that Dave will fight for Idaho’s state sovereignty and said, “…it’s time we send an experienced law and order candidate like Dave Leroy to do the job.”

“I am honored and humbled to have the support of four of the most talented and committed leaders in Canyon County and in our state,” said Leroy. “With their help, I hope to represent Idaho in the First Congressional District and put conservative legislation in front of our President so that he can sign it.”

Leroy was raised in Lewiston and was Idaho’s Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor. You can learn more about Dave at