Ahlquist holds press conference and plans tour across Idaho.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist will hold a press conference for a campaign announcement on Monday, April 30, at 10am MST on the 17th floor of the Zions Bank Building.

Ahlquist has announced the details of his upcoming “One Idaho” Tour which is open to the public and press statewide.  Kicking off in the City of Eagle on May 1, and concluding in the City of Meridian on May 12, 2018 – Ahlquist will visit 133 cities in all 44 counties in 11 days – offering Idaho residents and media another opportunity to meet Tommy, hear about his Conservative Blueprint to Build an Even Better Idaho firsthand before the May 15th Primary Election. 

“Growing up on a small farm in the greatest country in the world taught me many things, like the fact government should focus on serving the people, the families and small businesses in Idaho.  I have a vision for building an even better Idaho and a track record of getting things done – and I’d love it if every Idahoan came to their One Idaho Tour stops to ask questions and hear more about it!” said Ahlquist. SCHEDULE (for full and latest details visit: https://tommyforidaho.com/one-idaho-tour)

Idaho Chooses Life endorses Labrador. The state’s largest pro-life organization has endorsed gubernatorial candidate Raúl Labrador. Congressman Raúl Labrador has earned the endorsement of Idaho Chooses Life to be Idaho’s next governor,” said David Ripley, Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life. “His vigorous public defense of preborn children and stellar voting record sets him apart in this race.  We know that Raúl will continue the fight to build a culture of Life if he is elected.  He will help us defund Planned Parenthood and strengthen protections for women and families.  We urge pro-Life Idahoans to join us in supporting Raúl Labrador.”

“I am humbled and honored to receive Idaho Chooses Life’s endorsement,” said Labrador.  “There is nothing more important than defending the life of the pre-born, standing firm in defense of traditional families, and protecting our constitutional rights. I’ve championed these conservative causes my whole life.  Not just as a member of the Idaho Legislature or as a member of Congress, but also as a father and member of my community.”

Labrador announces statewide tour. Raúl Labrador will conduct a Fighting for Idaho Tour, with stops across the state in the closing weeks of the campaign leading up to the May 15th primary.  “This race is about courage and integrity.  Courage to stand up to the establishment and status quo and to fight for conservative principles.  And the integrity to keep the promises to the people of Idaho by doing exactly what you say you will do.” Please sign up for details on events in your area to hear more about Raúl’s vision for a stronger Idaho.

Lt. Gov. Brad Little wins more endorsements in gubernatorial bid. The Idaho Medical Association (IMA) has officially endorsed Brad Little to be Idaho’s next Governor. IMA physician-leaders said they are confident that Little’s knowledge and experience of Idaho healthcare policy makes him the right choice to lead the state.

“We appreciate Brad’s open-door policy. He listens and solicits input from all stakeholders. He truly understands the issues and knows which solutions will work and which ones will not work; Brad doesn’t get hung up on ideology. We appreciate that he knows how to navigate change within our existing state and federal framework,” said Ronald Cornwell, MD, IMA Past President and PAC Chair. “Brad is opposed to top-down government mandates on physician practices. And as a small business man, he understands that private doctor’s offices are also small businesses that are vulnerable to government burdens.”

Sen. Jim Risch has officially endorsed Little to be Idaho’s next governor. Recently, Little and Risch met with senior White House officials and Administrator Verma in Risch’s D.C. office to demonstrate how Idaho’s Executive Order will lead our nation away from the abysmal failure of Obamacare.

“Brad Little has the experience and qualifications needed to be Idaho’s next Governor.  His background as a rancher, small businessman, as well as his time serving in the State Senate and as Lt. Governor, puts him head and shoulders above others in the field.  Vicki and I are happy to be part of his campaign team,” said Risch.

The Idaho Grain Producers Association (IGPA) has officially endorsed Little. “As a farmer-led group, IGPA sees tremendous value in Brad’s experience and knowledge with agricultural issues.”

Louise McClure, wife of former Idaho Sen. Jim McClure, has also endorsed little. “For most of my lifetime I’ve had the privilege of being an up-close observer of politics and public servants at the local, national and even international levels.  I have had the opportunity to know many leaders - - as candidates, as office holders with enormous responsibility and as human beings.  As I have evaluated the traits of these people, one thing I have learned is that above everything else, character counts.  It is all too easy in politics for a candidate to take a poll and tell people what they want to hear. We listen to claims and promises that seem too good to be true, and are subjected to attack ads that have little basis in truth.  The best leaders, true leaders, don’t do that.  They lead from their minds and hearts, not from polls.

“That’s why I’m encouraging Idahoans to support Brad Little for Governor in the upcoming May 15 Republican primary. I know his heart and his mind.  Without question he is the right person for this job.  He has the right combination of character, experience, wisdom and commitment needed for this important position. Idaho’s future will be in good hands if we recognize Brad’s character, experience, and commitment and put him into the state’s most important office.”

Group of Republican leaders endorse Kealey. Republican candidate for State Treasurer has released endorsements from a number of Republican leaders across Idaho.  Included in these is State Controller Brandon Woolf, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder, Representative Neil Anderson as well as 13 other members of the Idaho Legislature.“I’ve worked with Tom Kealey for a number of years as a member of the Idaho Endowment Fund Investment Board and he always came well prepared with solid ideas for investments and maximizing returns for Idaho,” said State Controller Woolf.  “Like me, Tom believes in transparency at all levels of government.  We can trust him to be fair and just,” Woolf added.
Sen. Winder, who has known Tom and his wife Joy, for over 20 years, said, “Tom Kealey will lead and bring more integrity, trust and transparency to the office, so Idahoans can feel secure in their State government’s finances. Financial solvency for Idaho’s future is a goal we proudly stand behind which is why I am endorsing Tom Kealey for State Treasurer.”  More about Kealey can be found on his campaign website at www.kealeyfortreasurer.com