I’ve been fortunate to be involved in potato production in Idaho with a family operation spanning five generations.

I hope every Idahoan realizes how agriculture cultivated our state’s heritage and economic history. But what most Idahoans don’t know is the importance of having a strong leader with real-world experience in the governor’s office to ensure the future prosperity of Idaho’s farmers, ranchers and dairymen. It’s not only important, it’s absolutely critical.       

Recent declining potato prices along with declining prices for most commodities have been a detriment to many hard working Idaho farmers.  Many are facing critical and devastating situations in their businesses. And while we are fortunate to have reservoirs that are full of water, we still face long-term sacrifices and challenges to preserve our water supply for the benefit of all Idahoans.   

Simply put, from potatoes to dairy to cattle and beyond – the Idaho agricultural economy is a complex business.  And there is no one better suited to lead Idaho’s charge into our economic future than Tommy Ahlquist – someone who’s started and built several businesses with his own two hands.  Tommy is a businessman who’s personally signed his name on bank loans and the front of thousands of paychecks – a businessman who’s created countless jobs for Idahoans and has a fresh approach and new ideas.  And, he is anxious to listen to and address our needs!  

Tommy Ahlquist understands farmers, ranchers and dairymen because like them he’s also an entrepreneur.  He’s dealt with ridiculous government regulations and felt the intense pressure of payroll obligations.  He knows hard work and he knows Idaho agriculture needs someone who will always stand up for them, listen to them and work to do everything in his power to improve Idaho’s agricultural economy.   

He has pledged that on his first day as governor, he’ll begin the fight to remove burdensome regulations within Idaho agriculture.  He understands firsthand how over regulation harms small businesses, especially ours.  He understands we can protect the endangered sage grouse without endangering our farmers and ranchers and other valuable Idaho industries. He understands how common sense and rational business decisions can find a solution.  

Tommy Ahlquist has also pledged to ensure Idaho maintains sovereignty over its water – fighting to protect it for agriculture and for future generations of Idahoans.  He doesn’t support bad ideas like dam breaching and will work closely with the agricultural community and legislature to ensure recharge efforts continue, storage options are pursued and water rights are protected.   

Medical costs and health care are an enormous issue for all of us. It is exciting and refreshing to look forward to having Tommy Ahlquist bring his expertise as a doctor, a small businessman, an employer and a common sense problem solver as the man to lead the change in health care solutions - real solutions not just politics or talk. Push the career politician out of the way so he can solve to real problems of skyrocketing costs and better health care.  

Another priority Tommy Ahlquist shares is keeping our kids in Idaho, which starts with education and includes creating a robust economy with more good paying jobs throughout the state.  And he outlines his plan to do just that in his conservative Blueprint for an Even Better Idaho.  

Tommy Ahlquist knows hard work, he knows business and he knows Idaho’s values.  And his years of real-world business experience combined with his in-depth understanding of our industry make him the clear choice for Idaho agriculture – especially considering our other gubernatorial options are career politicians with over 29 years in office between them.