I’ve started and built several businesses and personally signed my name on bank loans and the front of thousands of paychecks.

I’ve dealt with all the ridiculous government regulations facing Idaho’s job creators and know that for Idaho’s economy to truly thrive – we need a fresh approach, real-world experience and a small business champion in the governor’s office.   

Everywhere I travel on the campaign I share the same promises – ones I hope you hear so many times you can recite them by name – because they’re promises I’m making to you as an Idaho voter.  And the first is to fight tooth and nail to better Idaho’s small business economy.  

People always ask me - “how do we know what you’ll do once elected?” That answer is easy. When elected governor I promise Idaho voters that I’ll do what I’ve done in the real world for decades – create a shared vision with clarity, follow  it with a plan – and then work around the clock toget stuff done. While it may not be the case for professional politicians, in the real-world getting stuff done is the measure of success. And that’s what I have done my whole life as an ER doctor leading a trauma team, as a chairman of a board leading directors, and as a small business owner leading companies with results.  

So what specifically will I do to better Idaho’s small business economy?  How will I create an environment for small businesses to thrive and create good paying jobs?  As laid out in my Blueprint for an Even better Idaho, the first thing I’d do as governor for my fellow small businesses owners is identify and slash all burdensome mandates and regulations weighing down Idaho small businesses.   

Second, we must also lower healthcare premiums.  Idaho families and small businesses have faced skyrocketing premiums for years while professional politicians have talked and talked about the problem.  It’s time for those politicians to step aside and let those of us who’ve worked in the healthcare industry get to work – because having served as an ER doctor for 18 years – I can tell you first-hand that lowering healthcare premiums for hard-working Idaho families and businesses is absolutely possible, and I have a straightforward plan to do it.    

Third, we must streamline, innovate and create a culture where the departments of state government serve our people and small businesses. Government should serve our people and small businesses and not the other way around.  We must make sure government is not a hindrance to job and economic growth – plain and simple.   

Fourth, we must strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship in Idaho by promoting and assisting the interactions between research, technology, industries and capital.  And we must also develop the vision and plans for the critical infrastructure investment needed to protect current industry and to unleash the modern economy in Idaho. By infrastructure I’m talking about roads, bridges, airports, water supply systems just to name a few critical areas.  Infrastructure is crucial to a well-oiled economy and job growth, but it’s also vital to ensuring a high quality of life for generations of Idahoans to come.      

And lastly, within my tax reform plan, I outline plans to ensure Idaho tax dollars are spent more effectively by identifying and cutting at least $100 million of wasteful spending in the first 100 days in office while still ensuring adequate funding of critical areas; reforming Idaho’s tax code to make it more fair, flat and simple for Idaho families and businesses; and setting a hard cap on government spending – tying it to personal income to truly limit the growth of government spending.  

Last January, I announced 72 individuals who serve as my Small Business Coalition Leaders – joining my campaign’s four statewide chairs and 107 county chairs.  Many of these individuals have worked with me over the years and know I will not just have an open door policy for Idaho small business owners but a No Door Policy. I’ve started and run businesses, and I want the feedback and support of small businesses in bulldozing burdensome regulations; tackling tax reform; ensuring state government departments don’t hinder but help small business; strengthening Idaho’s entrepreneurship culture and investing in our state’s critical infrastructure.   

I’m an ally that understands small business first-hand and as your governor, I will work around-the-clock to better Idaho’s small business economy so we can create more good-paying jobs for Idaho families each and every day.