Brad Little uses big event to file candidacy. More than 100 Idahoans joined Brad Little and his family at his campaign headquarters on the corner of 8th and State Street last Wednesday afternoon in Boise to support Little’s run to be Idaho’s next governor.

Together, the group walked with Little as he made his way to the Secretary of State’s office where he officially filed the appropriate paperwork to ensure his name is on the Republican ballot on May 15. “The people of Idaho want a leader who takes his role as the next governor very seriously. This is not a position where you wake up one morning and say I want that job or you leave Idaho for years and decide you want to come back. I have a proven record as the lieutenant governor of rolling up my sleeves and ensuring that we become the state with the lowest unemployment and the most opportunity for our children and grandchildren,” said Little. “I have helped companies invest in growth throughout the entire state and worked tirelessly to bring new companies to Idaho.”

Little is committed to ensuring Idaho is a great place for families to live and work. As Governor he will never stop working to help Idaho’s children succeed at home. He is the only candidate who has presented an education plan, one that includes local control with local solutions, increasing opportunities in kindergarten and beyond, retaining the best teachers with dollars committed to education and raising starting teachers’ pay. He has experience in growing the economy; as a small business owner and lifelong rancher, he understands the challenges facing small business owners across Idaho. And, he is a conservative who defends traditional values and works daily to uphold Idaho’s conservative principles and protect families.

Balukoff wins Gail Bray endorsement. Former Idaho State Sen. Gail Bray became the latest former Idaho legislator to publicly endorse A.J. Balukoff for governor.  Bray served four terms in the State Senate representing Boise and was a member of the Senate Education Committee. “I think A.J. has the wisdom and breadth of experience to be an effective Governor for all Idahoans,” Bray said. “The very best way to ensure prosperity for all Idahoans is to improve our education system and A.J. is the best person to do just that. He has practical, hands-on experience in education leadership as a 21-year school board trustee.  A. J. has the innate business ability and statewide credibility and commitment to making Idaho better for everyone. I am proud to endorse A.J. Balukoff to be Idaho’s next governor.” Bray joins former House Minority Leader John Rusche and former Senator Mary Lou Reed in endorsing Balukoff.


Leroy wins American Conservative Union endorsement. Idaho First Congressional District candidate Dave Leroy has welcomed theendorsement of the American Conservative Union.  Leroy, a former Idaho attorney general and lieutenant governor, said the backing by the prominent conservative organization further affirms his credentials in his bid to represent Idaho in Congress. “ACU is on the front lines in fighting for liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and strong national defense,” Leroy said.  “These are the principles that I have built a career of service to Idaho upon, and I am honored that ACU acknowledges my conservative credentials in this race.” In its endorsement, ACU stated, “Dave Leroy has a strong record of conservative leadership in Idaho, and sending him to Congress would accurately reflect the conservative and patriotic values of the men and women in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.”

Rep. Wintrow vows to fight for safety of families. Rep. Melissa Wintrow/(D-Boise) says the fight is not over when it comes to protecting domestic abuse victims in Idaho. Wintrow sponsored H585 which would have kept guns out of the hands of people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. The legislation largely mirrors federal law already in effect. The full House narrowly voted down the measure 31-39. Wintrow had the public backing of Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue who represented himself and the Idaho Sheriff’s Association at a committee hearing on the bill.

“This was a heart-breaking vote for the hundreds of domestic violence victims all over Idaho who live in fear every day. This common-sense legislation would have given them some much-needed hope and security,” Wintrow said.  “A lot of Idahoans lost a battle today, but we will continue the fight. This legislation is too important to give up on.”

Little responds to Medicaid letter. Lieutenant Governor Brad Little released the following statement in response to a letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), dated March 8, 2018:

“We want an Idaho solution for health insurance and we are going to do everything we can to achieve it. I believe Idaho is following the intent of the law by offering quality health insurance. We want to offer more choices and affordability to all Idahoans.

As highlighted by federal health regulators, Idahoans have seen over a 90-percent increase in their insurance premiums, forcing nearly 100,000 Idahoans to go without health insurance. This is unacceptable.

We are grateful that the Trump Administration is working with states to roll back Obamacare’s regulations and we look forward to an ongoing discussion that will result in implementing our state-centered solutions for healthcare,” said Lt. Governor Brad Little.

Ahlquist campaign responds to CBD Oil legislation news. The Ahlquist Campaign issued the following statement in response to CBD Oil legislation news:

“Since day one, Tommy has supported the legalization of CBD oil that helps sick people as long as the THC is removed and it's prescribed by a doctor. One thing is for sure, a professional politician from DC or Boise as our next governor is not the solution here. We need a governor with real world leadership and a track record of getting things done who can work with the legislature to build a legislative agenda that prevents situations like this.”—David Johnston, Campaign Manager


Labrador statement on CBD Oil legislation. Gubernatorial candidate Raúl Labrador released the following statement regarding CBD oil legislation.

“Leaders in Idaho should encourage open, heartfelt debate on important issues.  Which is why I’m so disappointed to see the Otter-Little administration manipulate the legislature, usurp the legislative process, and deny our citizens a voice in this important debate.  That is politics at its worst.

If this administration has real valid reasons to oppose the CBD oil legislation, they should present them in a public, open forum.  They should defeat ideas in committee, not hide behind a committee chairman to avoid the public debate. This won’t happen under my administration.