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The Idaho Republican Party had better hope that young adults in the state grow more conservative and pick the GOP to belong to as they age, otherwise, there could be a political reckoning coming, a recent Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

A review of the voter demographics in a Dan Jones & Associates poll for the online weekly political newsletter finds some real political differences between those who are 18 to 29 years old and their parents, those 50-59 years old.

Among some of the variations:

Those numbers are in stark contrast to the political leanings of their parents, or those who are 50-59 years old:

It may be true as young adults grow older they become more conservative.

But as they stand now, among those 18-29, 48 percent say they don’t belong to either of the major parties, while 49 percent said they are either a Republican or a Democrat.

Jones also finds:

Their parents are more conservative:

Jones polled 619 adults from Nov. 8-15. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.94 percent.