Pres. Trump repealed thousands of federal regulations to make America great again. 

Already, states are experiencing exceptional economic growth, confidence and personal opportunity—except in healthcare.   

Why? In Congress and in every state capital, liberal and conservative legislators joined forces to protect the government/healthcare/insurance cartel that spends more than five hundred million dollars on legislative lobbying each year. Half a billion dollars buys special protections that allowed the healthcare industry to raise the annual cost of healthcare for a typical American family of four, covered by an average employer-sponsored PPO plan, to $27,000 paid through taxes, employer- and employer-paid premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses.  This amounts to a million dollars over an employed career — yet only one dollar in four pays for medical services that the family needs!   

Instead of fighting against closed-market price-fixing that would be illegal in any other industry, Idaho legislators succumbed to campaign contributions from the hospital and health insurance industries, subjecting Idaho to an Obamacare state exchange.  Even now, “conservatives” are trying to expand state and government healthcare control over 78,000 more Idahoans.  According to the National Review this “Could be the Worst Obamacare Plan Yet,” and cost Idaho taxpayers $100 million dollars each year.  

Just in time, Idaho has a unique opportunity to end this corrupt system. Dr. Tommy Ahlquist – currently a leading conservative candidate for Idaho governor – is an extraordinarily successful businessman who recognizes what’s going on due to his nearly two-decade career in the healthcare industry.  Like our president, Dr. Ahlquist can’t stand by while his fellow citizens are being swindled by swamp-monsters in D.C. and Boise.  And as Idaho’s governor, Dr. Ahlquist and his expert team will peel back state restrictions and shield Idaho from federal regulations that stifle healthcare, education and economic opportunity.  Idaho will lead America with pilot programs that demonstrate the power of free people in free markets.   

With Dr. Ahlquist in the governor’s office, Idahoans will have a free-market healthcare option where they can buy services directly from doctors and other healthcare providers at transparent prices based on cost and competition, not on prices set by the healthcare cartel.  As in every other industry, competition and innovation will improve the access, quality, satisfaction and cost of healthcare.  Reducing the $27,000 per family healthcare cost by just 30 percent will save that average Idaho family and its’ employers $8,000 each year.   

Like our president, Dr. Ahlquist is attacked by politicians of both parties who are threatened by his vision, decisive leadership and intolerance of the swamp. This time we can’t be fooled by sheep bleating conservative rhetoric generated by market testing.  To undo more than sixty years of healthcare abuse, Idaho and the nation need a person with vision, wide healthcare experience, a record of leadership and action, expertise in market economics and determination to get the job done. Most of all, this person must understand that the most important conservative value is freedom to control our own lives and resources.  There is only one person with these qualities running for governor anywhere in the USA, and we have him right here in Idaho!  Dr. Tommy Ahlquist deserves our serious attention, our support and our vote.  

Dr. Loel Fenwick is an inventor and health systems consultant. His birthing suites and birthing beds transformed American maternity care, bringing family-centered birthing to 80 million families.  Dr. Fenwick lives in Priest Lake, Idaho.