Labrador unveils plan to defend traditional values. Gubernatorial candidate Raúl Labrador released his plan to defend traditional Idaho values and strengthen Idaho families, the fourth plank of his Conservative Vision for a Stronger Idaho.

Labrador’s six-point plan focuses on policies that protect constitutional rights, promote traditional Idaho values, and strengthen Idaho families.  His plan safeguards the second amendment in Idaho by enacting meaningful stand your ground legislation, ends taxpayer funding of abortions, and protects families’ right to worship according to their faith.  It also defends traditional marriage and family values, preserves property rights by stopping unjust government property seizures, and enacts prison reform and reforms our criminal justice system.“There is nothing more important than defending the life of the pre-born, standing firm in defense of traditional families, and protecting our constitutional rights,” commented Labrador.  “I’ve championed these conservative causes my whole life.  Not just as a member of the Idaho Legislature or as a member of Congress, but also as a father and member of my community.”More information about Raúl Labrador and his campaign to become Idaho’s next governor, along with his plan to Defend Traditional Idaho Values and Strengthen Idaho Families, is available at

Little responds to executive order to create lower cost insurance. The executive order issued by Lt. Gov. Brad Little and Gov. Butch Otter is already bringing choice and affordability to Idaho families. Idaho is the only state in the nation taking a lead on ending Obamacare for many Idahoans.   

“It’s time to end the failed experiment of Obamacare. On January 5, Governor Otter and I co-signed an executive order to bring choice and affordability to the Idaho insurance market. Today is an important step in the Idaho solution and we look forward to additional offerings in the coming months” said Lt. Governor Little.

“With this Idaho solution we are showing the country and the federal government how to get things done.”

Idaho apprentice endorses Ahlquist. Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist has announced that President Trump’s Idaho Apprentice Troy McClain has endorsed his candidacy for governor. Having built and sold two separate companies to national organizations, Troy cites Tommy Ahquist’s successful entrepreneurial and business leadership experience and dedication to building an even better Idaho small business economy as the foundation of his endorsement. 

“In his book "How to think like a Billionaire," President Trump is quoted as saying ‘Guys like Troy Make America Great!’ And for me, I know electing Tommy Ahlquist will make Idaho even greater,” said McClain. “Tommy’s drive to create an environment for small businesses to thrive and allow us to be proud job creators that can provide good paying jobs to our fellow Idahoans! And like Trump, Tommy is an outsider and businessman who will come in and disrupt the status quo to improve Idaho’s future. I know personally that Tommy has been the first to the call – and will certainly not stop until the job is done right.”

Ahlquist announces statewide farm & ranch coalition. Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist, has announced the key individuals who will serve as his Farm & Ranch Coalition Leaders from across the state – furthering the growth of his statewide grassroots organization. These amazing individuals will lead the effort to organize all of the farmers, ranchers, and dairymen from across the state who are supporting Tommy’s campaign. They join 5 Statewide Chairs, 107 County Chairs and 72 members of the Small Business coalition in leading the efforts to elect Ahlquist as Idaho’s 33rd Governor.

“As these leaders know, I’ll fight to remove known burdensome regulations facing agriculture and fight until healthcare premiums are lowered.  I’ll fight to keep our kids at home in Idaho and I’ll fight to protect our water for agriculture,” said Ahlquist. “But most importantly – I will always stand up for Idaho agriculture. Because from grain and potatoes to sugar beets, cattle, dairy and more – listening to and fighting for Idaho’s agricultural businessmen and women cements not only Idaho’s core values and past heritage – but cements a cornerstone of Idaho’s economic future.”