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Three-fourths of Idahoans disapprove of the job Congress is doing, an Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds.

But 58 percent approve of the job the Idaho Legislature is doing, finds the survey by Dan Jones & Associates.

Idaho is a very red state. All federal and state offices are held by Republicans, who have large majorities in the state Legislature, as well.

But while Idahoans may, on the whole, like the jobs their own U.S. Senate and House members are doing, they don’t like Congress in its entirety.

Jones finds:

One might imagine that Idaho Republicans would have a better view of Congress – which is controlled by Republicans – than do Democrats and political independents.

And Republicans do like Congress more, but not by much:

In both cases – Congress and state Legislature – Idahoans give federal and local lawmakers better approval ratings than does the country generally give to Congress and their own local state Legislatures.

But Democrats and independents are tougher on both bodies in Idaho than are Republicans:

Jones took the survey before Congress passed, and GOP President Donald Trump signed, a large tax cut.

So conservatives may have better feelings about Congress today.

Jones polled 619 adults from Nov. 8-15. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.94 percent.