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Ahlquist statement on campaign finance reform. The Ahlquist Campaign issued the following statement on the news of the Idaho Legislative Working Group on Campaign Finance’s recommendation on requiring candidates and elected officials disclose their financial assets:

 “Tommy was the first candidate for governor to voluntarily disclose his financial assets and has campaigned on this issue for months. We are glad to see the legislature follow Tommy’s lead on this important issue and applaud them for their work.” –David Johnston, Campaign Manager

Labrador wins Ian Johnson endorsement. Ian Johnson, an Idaho small business owner and Boise State football icon, is endorsing Raúl Labrador for governor. Johnson, a 2006 first team All-America running back, scored the winning points in BSU’s stunning upset of Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. After a brief NFL career, Johnson began working in the insurance industry in Boise. He now owns the Ian Johnson Insurance Agency and ranks in the top 5 percent of agents nationally in his company.

Labrador, elected to Congress in 2010, is now seeking to make Idaho’s state government more efficient and accountable to the people. Labrador and Johnson agree that success in athletics, business and government requires good teamwork and strong leadership.

“I’m supporting Raúl Labrador for many reasons, but primarily because I trust him, and I know that we can count on him to keep his word,” Johnson said. “I’ve met Raúl numerous times, and each time I gained a greater appreciation for his consistency, honesty, and willingness to tell you exactly what he thinks. He’s a man of integrity, and saying this is the greatest compliment I can give.”

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