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Most Idahoans believe women are treated fairly in the workplace, a recent Idaho Politics Weekly poll finds.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds that 57 percent of adult Idahoans say women are “definitely” or “probably” treated fairly in the place of their employment.

While 38 percent say they are not treated fairly.

And 5 percent don’t know.

As might be expected, there is a BIG difference between men and women on this question. A telling finding that both Idaho men and women may want to note:

As noted in this Spokesman-Review article, Idaho women are way off on the wage differences between the sexes – with Idaho one of the worst places in the nation for that inequality.

The quoted study finds that Idaho women earn 76 cents for every dollar a man earns in comparable jobs.

But Jones’ question goes beyond just wages – into the working conditions in general, the opportunity for advancement, and such.

There are a number of interesting differences in the demographic breakouts in Jones’ question.

For example:

Perhaps many of these senior men and women have had more experience on this subject, or maybe the workplaces of their youths were unfair to women more than today’s.

Republicans and conservatives have very different views on this subject than do Democrats and liberals:

Jones polled 604 adults from Aug. 23-30. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.