On March 1, we announced our run for Governor and the career politicians laughed, making it clear they didn’t think we had a chance.

It was said my opponents have 27 years of combined political careers and that taking on their political machines could not be done – even by someone who’s been an ER doctor and successful in business.

But we know better. We know Idahoans are ready for a fresh approach, new ideas and real-world leadership – and a promise of hard work and getting things done. We know it’s time Idaho is no longer last or near bottom in state high school graduation rates. We know it’s time we rise from near national bottom in median wage. We know it’s time we stop losing our kids to other states because they can’t find good paying jobs at home. And it’s time Idaho stops over-regulating our small businesses.

We know it’s time for vision, leadership, hard work and getting things done in the governor’s office. And as I’m asked on the campaign trail - “How do we know what you’ll do once elected?” That answer is easy.

When elected, I promise to do what I’ve done in the real world for decades – create a shared vision, work hard and get stuff done. Maybe in Congress or on a state task force, there are other measures of success – but in the real world – getting stuff done is the measure of success. And that’s what I have done my whole life as an ER doctor leading a trauma team, as a chairman of a board leading directors, and as a small business owner leading companies with results and excellence. And I want to bring that to state government.  

As you know, getting things done doesn’t come without hard work. We started this campaign with a 97 town tour in 75 days and now we’re on a 44-day tour of all 44 counties. In each county, I share my Blueprint for an Even Better Idaho – outlining the promises, vision and plan that will allow us to thrive as families and small businesses throughout this great state. Everywhere I travel on the campaign I share the same promises – promises I hope you hear so many times you can recite them by name – because they’re promises I’m making to you as an Idaho voter:     

First, we need higher paying jobs in Idaho. Our state’s economy rests on the backs of small business and I promise to lead efforts that focus on taking care of our current businesses - and then relentlessly promote Idaho as the best place to do business in the nation. It will take time, but it must and will be done.

We can take care of our businesses by slashing regulations, cutting wasteful spending and reforming our tax code. When I suggested we identify $100 million in wasteful government spending, political insiders said it couldn’t be done. But I can tell you it can be done – and when elected Governor – it will be done.  

Second, Idaho public education needs to prepare Idaho kids for Idaho jobs. We need to fight to keep our kids in Idaho and education is the answer. I promise that when governor, every single day from dawn until dusk I will focus on education and not stop working until Idaho is leading the way in preparing today’s kids for tomorrow’s jobs. It will take a lot of time and dedication, but it must and will be done.

Third, we can and must lower healthcare premiums. Are you as tired as I am of having POLITICIANS trying to fix healthcare? No thank you – you’ve done enough to mess it up. It’s time career politicians step aside and let those of us who’ve worked in the industry get to work.    

I promise that lowering healthcare premiums for hard-working Idaho families and businesses is not only possible – but possible without federal government involvement. I promise to work around the clock to help make Idaho a national example for how to lower costs and provide access to healthcare. And when elected governor – this also must and will be done.   

Finally, we must elevate ethics in Idaho politics. Medical ethics was one of my favorite classes in med school and ethics is discussed in medicine all the time. That is why I promise to bring the specific changes outlined in my Term Limits & Ethics Reform Plan to protect citizens from the special interests and cronyism that dominate our state government. Again when elected governor this must and will be done.  

Simply put I’ve grown tired of hearing years of “problem talk” from career politicians who fail to ever deliver real-world solutions. So I’m running for governor – to bring a fresh approach, new ideas and my decades-long track record of hard work and getting things done to Idaho state government.

All my life I have had people tell me “it can’t be done.” Get all 121 Boy Scout Merit Badges? You can’t do that. Convince my wife to marry me? You can’t do that. Be the first person in your family to go to graduate college and somehow get into medical school? You can’t do that. An ER doctor trying to become a commercial developer? You can’t do that. Construct Idaho’s tallest building in the Boise hole? You can’t do that.

Run for governor and bring real-world business solutions to decades-long problems in Idaho government?  “You can’t do that.”  

But in every case my response has been, with hard work and the right team, it must be done. With a collective vision, leadership, and hard work we will get things done in State government. Together I promise we can create a better business environment and bring higher paying jobs to Idaho. I promise we can ensure Idaho public education better prepares Idaho kids for Idaho jobs. And together I promise we can lower healthcare premiums and bring a high-bar of ethics to State government.

Together we must – and together we will.