Half of all Idahoans (49 percent) disagree with GOP President Donald Trump in his decision to ban transgender people from the U.S. military, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

Trump’s anti-transgender order has not been fully implemented, but already four different lawsuits have been filed against it.

The Department of Justice just last week responded to the first lawsuit, saying it should be put on hold until (or if) the president actually moves to kick transgender people out of the armed services.

In a recent poll for IPW, Dan Jones & Associates found that 49 percent of Idahoans oppose Trump’s action, 45 percent support it, while 6 percent didn’t know.

Trump’s support in banning transgender soldiers, sailors, fliers and marines from service comes mainly from men, Republicans, conservatives, Mormons and born-again Christians.

Other demographic, gender and political groups oppose him.

For example:

  • As has been found in other Jones’ polls concerning Trump, Idaho women have very different views than do men.

  • 51 percent of men support Trump’s anti-transgender order, but only 40 percent of women do.

  • 52 percent of women oppose Trump on this, but only 44 percent of men do.

  • Idaho Republicans support the president on this banning, 73-19 percent.

  • But Democrats oppose the banning, 88-8 percent.

  • As do those who belong to no political party – the independents -- 64 percent oppose Trump’s ban, 31 percent support it.

The ban has moral/religious issues, as well.

Idaho Mormons, with their church opposed to gay marriage, support Trump in banning transgender folks from the military: 62 percent with Trump, 32 percent against him.

Likewise, those in the “general Christians” group – which includes born-again faiths – support the president, 60-33 percent. Many of those religions teach against homosexuality.

 But other religions oppose Trump’s actions, or are split:

  • Catholics, 47 percent with Trump, 47 percent against him on banning transgenders.

  • Protestants, oppose him, 61-36 percent.

  • Those who belong to “other religions” not listed in the survey, against him, 67-29 percent.

  • And those with no religion oppose banning transgenders from the military, 75-18 percent.

Those who said they are “very” or “somewhat” conservative stand with the president on the banning, while “moderates” and those who are “somewhat” or “very” liberal oppose him, with large majorities.

Jones polled 604 adults from Aug. 23-30. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.0 percent.