A new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows that Idahoans say North Korea poses the greatest threat to world peace today.

The Dan Jones & Associates survey in Idaho finds:

  • 32 percent picked the pre-selected choice of North Korea as the greatest threat – which since GOP President Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations has engaged in renewed threats with the president.

  • 27 percent said ISIS, or ISIL, the Islamic terrorist organization now fighting in several areas of the world and Middle East.
  • 25 percent mentioned some “other” entity or person.

  • 5 percent said Russia.

  • 4 percent said Iran.

  • And 6 percent didn’t know.

Jones did not list the U.S. nor Trump as possible answers. So if you picked either of those you were in the “other” category.

However, in a recent international poll, it is the United States (and its leader President Donald Trump) that is the greatest threat to world peace.

And considering how the “other” category breaks out demographically in Jones’ latest poll in Idaho, it could be fairly concluded that Democrats and moderates and liberals were pointing their fingers closer to home than North Korea.

Here are some of the breakouts:

  • Among Republicans, ISIS is the worst threat, getting 38 percent of the vote.

The rest of the GOP picks: 34 percent N. Korea; 13 percent other; 4 percent for both Iran and Russia; 7 percent didn’t know.

  • Among Democrats: 40 percent said N. Korea; 32 percent said other; 15 percent said ISIS; 8 percent said Russia; 0 percent said Iran; and 4 percent didn’t know.

  • Political independents: 31 percent said N. Korea; 30 percent said other; 23 percent said ISIS; 7 percent said Russia; 3 percent said Iran; and 6 percent didn’t know.

When you break out the results according to political philosophy, conservatives (both “very” and “somewhat” conservative) fluctuate back and forth between N. Korea and ISIS being the greatest threat to world peace.

Moderates poll out like this: 33 percent N. Korea; 26 percent other; 26 percent ISIS; 5 percent Russia; 2 percent Iran; 7 percent don’t know.

But the liberals see things very differently:

  • Among the “somewhat liberal:” 39 percent say other; 33 percent N. Korea; 16 percent ISIS; 10 percent Russia; 1 percent Iran; and 1 percent don’t know.

  • Among the “very liberal:” 57 percent say other (likely the United States and/or Trump); 21 percent N. Korea; 7 percent Russia; 7 percent ISIS; 0 percent Iran; 7 percent don’t know.

A recent national poll inside the U.S. shows Americans are very worried about what’s happening between the United States and North Korea.

The hardline North Korean Communist government announced this week it is considering exploding a nuclear bomb somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

There is evidence the North has a working nuclear weapon, which it has been testing deep underground in the north part of the country.

It has also been testing long- and short-range missiles in recent years – the question being whether it can place a working nuclear bomb on top of a missile, capable of reaching and exploding over Japan, South Korea and other U.S. allies.

Jones polled 604 adults from Aug. 23-30. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.