Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist has announced that 107 Idahoans will serve as campaign county chairs in all 44 counties – the beginning of his statewide grassroots organization.

Tyler Hurst, who serves as 2nd vice chair of the Idaho Republican Party and is former chairman of the Idaho Young Republicans, will serve as the campaign’s grassroots chairman.

"My team is comprised of business and community leaders and conservative activists who agree that less talk and more action gets things done in the real world – and it’s time to bring that mindset to the governor’s office,” said Ahlquist. “I’m humbled and excited to stand with this passionate group of hard-working community servants as we strive together to build an even better Idaho.”

The county chair team ranges from individuals like business owners Billy and Katherine Stronks from Fremont County to Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas in Canyon County.

“I am honored to serve alongside Tommy because not only is he a man of integrity, but a man of action,”said Steve Millington, Twin Falls County chair and chairman of the Twin Falls Republican Party. “Tommy is a committed conservative who will bring bold reforms to Boise – from cutting wasteful spending to sweeping ethics reforms – and Tommy has the track record to get it done and get it done successfully.”